Ready for some old school fun? How about hitting the rolller rink?

There are spots for low-tech family fun all around the Sound

May 15, 2018
Roller skating

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No experience necessary for retro fun all over Puget Sound -- take the family roller skating!

I know it sounds a little hokey, and it's definitely not what we might think of as cool, which is exactly what makes it cool, right? Seattle and the suburbs have a bunch of choices if you'd like to try strapping on some skates and having some good wholesome all-ages fun. 

You can always count on Red Tricycle to find offbeat things for your family to do together, and here's the latest . . . Old-School Cool: 10 Places to Go Roller Skating. From Skateland in Bremerton to the Southgate Roller Rink in Seattle's White Center neighborhood to the Everett Skate Deck, there are a surprising number of places spread around the Sound where you can give it a try. And compared to a lot of other things your kids might talk you into, roller skating is pretty cheap. Most, if not all, of the spots on this list have food, games, music, and even disco balls or light shows. 

Have fun, and try not to knock anybody down!

Here's the full list with info about each spot.