Here's what to make for Thanksgiving dinner: Reservations!

Save yourself the hassle of hosting -- here are some great choices around the Sound if you feel like going out for Thanksgiving dinner

November 13, 2018
Thanksgiving dinner

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Thanksgiving dinner: Fun to eat, kind of a pain to make, right? If you're hosting, you're coordinating a lot of things at one time, hoping the turkey's cooked enough but still moist, the stuffing's not all dried out, and the sweet potatoes haven't congealed into a sticky blob. How much easier would it be to leave all this complex planning to someone else -- and skip the hassle of doing all those dishes afterwards, too?  Luckily for us, we live someplace with lots of great restaurants, many of which are open on Thanksgiving and serving a feast that rivals whatever you were planning on serving at home.

I found a couple of super helpful lists to check out:

The TripSavvy Guide to the Best Restaurants Open on Thanksgiving Day in Seattle runs down some great ideas -- a family-style extravaganza at Agrodolce in Seattle's Fremont neighborhood, a kid-friendly buffet at Basil's Kitchen in the Bellevue Hilton, a bit fancier feast at Bin on the Lake in Kirkland's Woodmark Hotel, or a four-course dinner at one of the three Daniel's Broiler locations around the Sound. (And many more!)

And you can always count on Eater Seattle to put a great list together; Where to Eat on Thanksgiving Day 2018 in Seattle includes the Madison Valley vegetarian classic Cafe Flora (yup! a meat-free Turkey Day!), the sophisticated organic, farm-to-table Tilth in Seattle's Wallingford neighborhood, and, with three locations, the timeless classic 13 Coins.

As you could probably figure out, it's a good idea to make reservations, and to be aware in advance of what you're going to be paying for the special Thanksgiving menus at these places, since many of them do a fixed-price special that can put a serious dent in your wallet. But guess what? You're not going to be doing any dishes at the end of the night!

Happy Thanksgiving!