Where to order restaurant food delivery around the Sound

The store shelves are picked clean, you want to eat but still maintain social distance -- you need to have food delivered to your door. Luckily, you have plenty of choices

March 13, 2020
food delivery

Erik Gonzalez Garcia / iStock / Getty Images Plus

It's crazy out there right now. A lot of people will be spending a lot more time at home, whether it's to work remotely, to parent kids who don't have school, or to recover from illness. People are not going out to restaurants. But restaurant food can come to you, or at the very least you can do a drive-by pickup and enjoy your favorite restaurant meal while having very little contact with your fellow humans.

There's actually a long list of restaurants in Seattle and the suburbs that'll deliver, or let you pick up with minimal human interaction.

•Check out Seattle restaurants with to-go/delivery/no contact options. They're updating that list as more and more restaurants go virtual, so check back often.

•Focusing on the South Sound, here's a big list of Tacoma Food Delivery & Takeout. By the time you work your way through that massive list, this pandemic will be history.

•Finally, despite their reputation as a super fancy splurge destination, the folks at Seattle's iconic Canlis have once again shown their genius by completely reimagining their high-end place in a way that makes sense for more people right now; they've created three different concepts for three parts of the day:

  • The Bagel Shed will serve bagels, spreads, breakfast sandwiches and coffee from 8am to 11am
  • A drive-through burger joint will be open from 11am to 6pm serving burgers, veggie melts, the Canlis Salad, and ice cream sandwiches
  • And for dinner, from 6 to 8pm Canlis will deliver a rotating lineup of simple family meals to your door (including a bottle of wine if you need it)

I know there are many aspects of the coronavirus pandemic that are throwing normal life into total chaos, But as a person who loves eating out, I'm super troubled about what this situation is doing to the restaurant business around the Sound. So if there's a way to support your favorite neighborhood spot and feed your family without feeling like you're compromising anybody's health or safety, that's a win-win, right?

Bon appetit!