Rob Thomas chats in the Sound studio with John & Jeanne

The voice of Matchbox 20 is kicking off his solo tour at Chateau Ste. Michelle this week. He stopped by to talk collaborations, backstage rituals, and imaginary animals.

June 10, 2019
Rob Thomas with John & Jeanne

Sherry Alaghehband

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Rob Thomas has had a storied career with his band Matchbox 20, followed by a successful string of solo albums, and he'll be kicking off the summer concert series on his Chip Tooth Tour at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery on Thursday June 13. He stopped by the Sound studio to chat with us about all kinds of things -- being mistaken for a female singer, his backstage requirements now that he's been a working musician for a couple of decades, the identity of the vocalist who was originally slated to collaborate with Carlos Santana on "Smooth," and his favorite animal, imaginary or real (which you'll recognize if you're a fan of Napoleon Dynamite.)


Look for us at the show on Thursday! And if you haven't grabbed tickets yet, here's the link.

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