Is a "Roseanne" reboot on the way -- without Roseanne?

ABC and producers are huddling to see if there's a way to salvage the show without its controversial creator

June 4, 2018
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Is there a way for ABC to save "Roseanne?" Maybe, if Roseanne's not involved.

According to TMZ and other sources, the network ant the show's producers are looking at a retooled show that centers around Sara Gilbert's character, Darlene. 

When you think about the huge money the highly-rated show was raking in for ABC, not to mention the dozens -- if not hundreds -- of crew people, writers, staff, technicians, and others who were blindsided by the cancellation of the show, it makes sense that they'd try to find a way forward without the star whose name is on the show. Apparentlyl one of the difficulties ABC is facing is the fact that Roseanne has a big ownership stake in the production, and the network doesn't want her to profit in any way from a rebranded show, so they'd probably have to buy her out somehow. Ironic that Roseanne would then reap a big financial windfall despite being exiled from her own show.

My question is: Would they explain Roseanne's absence if they moved forward with a new version of the show? Does she die? Or cheat on Dan and run away with her lover? Move to India to follow her guru? Oh, the possibilities!

So . . . . would you watch "Darlene?" Or "Dan?" Or whatever they wind up calling it?