Great news for your stomach and your wallet: Seattle Restaurant Week is here!

Insider tip: Seattle Restaurant Week is actually THREE weeks, and it's not just in Seattle

October 23, 2018
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Perfect timing! Seattle Restaurant Week is here, and so is fall weather, so you might as well pick a spot where you've never eaten, head indoors for a good meal and save some money while you're at it, right? But . . . where to go? 

It's a lot easier to answer that question if you check out the lineup of more than 150 restaurants that are part of Seattle Restaurant Week. Keep in mind, it's not really just one week; it's three. And it's not just in Seattle -- there are participating places in Bellevue, Kirkland, Bothell, Renton, Redmond, Des Moines, Issaquah and Edmonds. The whole thing runs until November 8, and it's happening every day except Friday and Saturday, because people don't need to be lured out to restaurants on the weekend, I guess.

So the basic deal is that all these restaurants are putting together a $33 dinner that includes an appetizer or a starter, an entree, and a dessert. A meal at a lot of these places comes in at a much higher price point, but they just want to get you in the door. (A lot of them are doing a Restaurant Week lunch special, too -- two courses for $18.) Some of my favorite Seattle spots are on the roster: Lark, Poppy, Tilth, The London Plane, Terra Plata, Tavolata, La Spiga, Marjorie, Trove,  Serafina . . . well, the list goes on, but I can promise you that $33 doesn't normally go too far at these restaurants, so this is a good deal. 

Here's a full list of the restaurants joining in the fun in Seattle by neighborhood, and in the suburbs:


  • Ballard Annex Oyster House (Seafood) 
  • Bastille Cafe & Bar (French)
  • Bramling Cross (American)
  • Chinook's at Salmon Bay (Seafood)
  • Gather Kitchen and Bar (American)
  • Gracia (Mexican)
  • Marine Hardware (Seafood)
  • Ocho (Spanish)
  • San Fermo (Italian)
  • Sawyer (American)
  • Staple and Fancy (Italian)
  • Stoneburner (Italian)


  • 2120 (American)
  • AQUA by El Gaucho (Fine Dining)
  • Buenos Aires Grill (Steaks)
  • El Gaucho Seattle (Steaks)
  • Local 360 (Pacific Northwest)
  • Margaux Restaurant (Pacific Northwest)
  • Orfeo (Italian)
  • Tavolata Belltown (Italian)


  • Adana (Japanese)
  • Cafe Pettirosso (American)
  • CAPITOL CIDER (Pacific Northwest)
  • Central Smoke Bar & Smokery (Bbq)
  • Chavez (Mexican)
  • Chavez (Mexican)
  • Coastal Kitchen (Seafood)
  • Osteria La Spiga (Italian)
  • Lark (American)
  • Lionhead (Chinese)
  • Luc Restaurant (French)
  • Marjorie (American)
  • Monsoon Seattle (Vietnamese)
  • Omega Ouzeri (Greek)
  • Poppy (Pacific Northwest)
  • Quinn's Pub (American)
  • Rione XIII (Italian)
  • Soi (Thai)
  • Tamari Bar Seattle (Japanese)
  • Tango Restaurant & Lounge (Spanish)
  • Tavolata Capitol Hill (Italian)
  • Terra Plata Pacific (Northwest)
  • The Tin Table (American)
  • Trove (Asian)


  • All Water Seafood & Oyster Bar (Seafood)
  • Andaluca (Mediterranean)
  • Anthony's Pier 66 (Seafood)
  • Barolo Ristorante (Italian)
  • Blueacre Seafood (Seafood)
  • Cafe Campagne (French)
  • Chan Seattle (Asian)
  • Cinque Terre Ristorante (Italian)
  • Cortina (Italian)
  • Crawfish King (Seafood)
  • Dahlia Lounge (American)
  • Dead Line (Latin)
  • Dunbar Room (American)
  • Elliott's Oyster House (Seafood)
  • Etta's (Seafood)
  • Girin Ssam Bar (Asian)
  • Heartwood Provisions (American)
  • IL Bistro (Italian)
  • Lecosho (Pacific Northwest)
  • Lola (Greek)
  • Maximilien (French)
  • Mercato Stellina Seattle (Italian)
  • Miller's Guild (Steaks)
  • Miss Cafe (Turkish)
  • Nirmal's (Indian)
  • Old Stove Brewing (Pacific Northwest)
  • Palace Kitchen (American)
  • Red Cedar and Sage (Pacific Northwest)
  • RN74 (French)
  • ScoutPNW (American)
  • Seatown Market Diner (Seafood)
  • Steelhead Diner (Seafood)
  • TanakaSan (Asian)
  • Tankard & Tun (Pacific Northwest)
  • The Fig & The Judge (American)
  • The Fisherman’s Restaurant and Bar (Seafood)
  • The London Plane (Mediterranean)
  • Tribeca (Italian)
  • Wild Ginger (Asian)
  • Wild Ginger (Asian)
  • Zane + Wylie's (Steaks)


  • Cicchetti Kitchen + Bar (Mediterranean)
  • le Messe (Italian)
  • Maslow's by Farestart (American)
  • Serafina Osteria e Enoteca (Italian)
  • Sushi Kappo Tamura (Asian)


  • Agrodolce (Italian)
  • Chiso Sushi (Japanese)
  • Eve Fremont (Pacific Northwest)
  • Le Coin (French)
  • Pomerol (French)


  • Kisaku (Japanese)
  • Lucia Italian Kitchen + Bar (Italian)
  • Nell's (Pacific Northwest)
  • TAPAS LAB (Small Plates)


  • The Olive & Grape (Mediterranean)


  • Saint Helens Cafe (American)
  • Sand Point Grill (American)


  • Daniel's Broiler-Leschi (Steaks)


  • Bar Cantinetta (Italian)
  • Red Cow (French)
  • The Harvest Vine (Spanish)
  • Vendemmia (Italian)
  • Voila Bistrot (French)


  • Palisade Restaurant (Pacific Northwest)


  • Grappa (Mediterranean)
  • The Melting Pot - Seattle (Fondue)


  • Frank's Oyster House & Champagne Parlor (American)
  • Pair (French)


  • Cuoco (Italian)
  • Flying Fish (American)
  • The White Swan Public House (Seafood)


  • Mamma Melina Ristorante & Pizzeria (Italian)


  • Bodrum Bistro Anatolia Kitchen (Mediterranean)
  • Cantinetta Seattle (Italian)
  • KOKKAKU (Steaks)
  • Mkt (Italian)
  • Tilth (American)
  • Yoroshiku (Japanese)


  • Ma'ono (Hawaiian/American)
  • Raccolto (Italian)
  • Salty's on Alki Beach (Seafood)


  • Andiamo Ristorante (Italian)
  • Baron's Xi'an Kitchen & Bar (Chinese)
  • Basil's Bistro (Pacific Northwest)
  • Cantinetta Bellevue (Italian)
  • Cypress Lounge & Wine Bar (American)
  • El Gaucho Bellevue (Steaks)
  • Firenze (Italian)
  • I See Food (Seafood)
  • Monsoon Bellevue (Asian)
  • Novilhos Brazilian Steakhouse (Bbq)
  • Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar (Seafood)
  • Suite Restaurant & Lounge (American)
  • The Crab Pot Restaurant and Bar Lake Bellevue (Seafood)
  • The Lakehouse (Pacific Northwest)
  • The Melting Pot - Bellevue (Fondue)
  • Vivo 53 (Italian)


  • Amaro Bistro (Italian)
  • Jep's Chef House at Preservation Kitchen (Global Infusion)
  • Revolve True Food & Wine Bar (Pacific Northwest)


  • Anthony's HomePort Des Moines (Seafood)
  • Salty's at Redondo Beach (Seafood)


  • Anthony's HomePort Edmonds (Seafood)
  • Bar Dojo (Asian)
  • Epulo Bistro (Italian)
  • Salt & Iron (Pacific Northwest)
  • The Loft Cafe & Courtyard (Mediterranean)


  • Coho Cafe - Issaquah (Pacific Northwest)
  • Montalcino (Italian)
  • WildFin American Grill (American)


  • Anthony's HomePort Kirkland (Seafood)
  • Bottle & Bull (Pacific Northwest)
  • Le Grand Bistro (French)
  • Lilac Cafe (Italian)
  • Lynn's Bistro (French)
  • Park Lane Public House (American)
  • Ristorante Paradiso (Italian)
  • Trellis Restaurant (American)
  • Volterra, Kirkland (Italian)


  • Blu Sardinia (Italian)
  • Coho Cafe - Redmond (Pacific Northwest)


  • Water's Table (Asian)
  • WildFin American Grill Renton (American)


  • The Dining Room at Salish Lodge (Pacific Northwest)


  • Waterleaf Restaurant & Bar (Pacific Northwest)


  • Barking Frog (Pacific Northwest)
  • Twisted Cuban Cafe (Latin)

If you're trying to narrow down your choices, I like these three lists from the Seattle Times:

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We're so lucky to be in such a great restaurant town, so go for it! Here's the Seattle Restaurant Week site. Don't forget to make a reservation, and enjoy!