Impress your out-of-town visitors this summer at these cool restaurants

Here's a great list of places to take your guests for a true Seattle dining experience -- and something they're not going to get back home

July 25, 2018
Seattle skyline

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If you're hosting visitors from out of town this summer, here's how you can impress them.

Chances are that wherever your guests traveled from, it wasn't as beautiful as the Puget Sound area, right? It doesn't have our incredible views and cool restaurants serving a bounty of fresh local food. So you might as well take them someplace that really shows off the best of the Pacific Northwest. One again, the always-reliable team at Red Tricycle have put together a list that should help: 14 Seattle Restaurants to Visit with Out-of-Towners This Summer

The first thing to reckon with is that even though you might live on the east side or south Sound or somewhere besides Seattle proper, this outing is probably going to require that you make the trek into the city. That's where yo uget the iconic views and the biggest variety of dining options.

I like the fact that this list has some options that aren't in places a typical tourist might venture to, like Westward, on the north shore of Lake Union, with a stunning view of downtown Seattle across the lake as you kick it on a sweet deck that feels as if you're on Long Island.

The post also suggests taking the water taxi from downtown to West Seattle -- a unique experience in itself -- and walking over to Marination Ma Kai for their super-casual Hawaiian/Korean hybrid cuisine. You'll most likely be eating at picnic tables on the patio, but you'll be enjoying yet another knockout view of the downtown skyline, from the Space Needle to the ballparks.

If you've got kids in tow, Red Tricycle suggests one of five Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzerias (and two of those are actually on the east side if you really don't want to cross Lake Washington.) This isn't the Domino's your guests may be used to -- it's authientic Naples-style pie in a cool but family-friendly setting. 

Here's the whole list. Whether you have guests or not, it'll make you want to discover, or rediscover, some of the culinary gems around the Sound. One thing's for sure -- this isn't Oklahoma.