Seattle was just ranked the 4th most hipster-ish city in the world

Coffee shops, vegan restaurants, and tattoo parlors -- we've got what it takes!

April 16, 2018
Seattle skyline

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What does it take for a city to be a haven for hipsters? Whatever it is, Seattle's got the right stuff.

There's a new survey by MoveHub (a global relocation service, whatever that is) and they've determined "the most hipster cities in the world." As you might expect, Portland finished strong, and even though Seattle has changed a lot since the days of Grunge and the Twin Teepees, we finished in a solid fourth place on the hipster index.

How did they figure all this out?

Our new, improved, alternative Hipster Index combines five data points: the number of vegan eateries, coffee shops, tattoo studios, vintage boutiques, and record stores per 100,000 city residents.

Combined and weighted they produce a Hipster Index score out of ten for each city. 

So here's the list:

1. Brighton/Hove – UK

2. Portland – USA

3. Salt Lake City – USA

4. Seattle – USA

5. Lisbon – Portugal

6. Fort Lauderdale – USA

7. Miami – USA

8. Orlando – USA

9. Helsinki – Finland

10. Spokane - USA

I'm going to have to take their word for it on a couple of those. I was in Brighton, England a long time ago, in the 1990s, and it seemed like a pretty rundown coastal city with a big pier. I guess the hipsters have taken over since then. And Salt Lake City? Nice, but I think of it as way too clean to be a hipster haven. But what do I know? I'm just glad that despite all the tech bros and billionaires, the Jet City is still considered hip.

We'll take it!