The big reveal! Seattle's NHL team will be The Kraken!

There was lots of speculation, and "Kraken" seemed like a long shot, but that's the name of our new NHL team

July 23, 2020
Seattle Kraken

Seattle Kraken / NHL

They did the big reveal at what will be center ice at the new Climate Pledge Arena. The name of Seattle's new NHL hockey team will be . . . . The Kraken!

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Over the last couple of years there's been all kinds of speculation about what the team would be called: Sockeyes, Salmon, Whales, Metropolitancs, Sasquatch, Totems, Emeralds, Firebirds, Eagles, Sea Lions, and even the Seattle Freeze. I thought Kraken was a long shot, but no . . . they went there. They named the team after a fictitious sea creature. Perfect for the PNW.

See more at the team's new website, where they've got some cool downloadable wallpaper and images for your laptop or your phone here.

And of course . . . team merchandise. The Release The Kraken Store is live now and they're donating net proceeds to "local communities" through August 21.

Release the Kraken!