The strawberries are fresh! Where to pick 'em around the Sound

June means the strawberry crop is ripe for the picking, and there are a lot of places around here where you can pick your own

June 6, 2018
Strawberry patch

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Do a blind taste test between store-bought and fresh picked berries, and it's no contest.

That's why it's almost mandatory to take advantage of early summer in the Pacific Northwest and get out to a strawberry patch where you can pick your own. And right now is the time to do it. 

I found a great list at Red Tricycle -- The Berry Best Places to Pick Strawberries Right Now. These spots are all over the place, from Biringer Farms in Arlington to Remlinger Farms in Carnation, Picha's Berry Farm in Puyallup to Bailey U-Pick Farm in Snohomish. The article gives you all the hours and prices and drections and some useful tips no matter which berry patch you choose, such as . . . .

  • Bring your own bucket
  • Wear sunscreen and a hat
  • Bring a gardening pad or a small stool (because strawberries grow close to the ground -- lots of bending over!)
  • Pack some cash in your wallet in case the place you visit doesn't take cards.
  • Make some room in your trunk, and your fridge, before you pick.

Have fun out there, and I'm serious about the sunscreen -- there's no shade in a field full of strawberry plants!