It's Amazon Prime Day! How to make it work for you

No crowds like Black Friday, but there are some secrets to making the best of Amazon's 36 -hour saving spree

July 16, 2018
Shopping online

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It may be the biggest shopping day of the year -- and you don't have to leave your house.

Amazon Prime Day starts at noon (Seattle time) Monday July 16 and lasts for 36 hours. More than a million items will be discounted, but not all at the same time and not all of them for the entire 36 hours. And as you might figure out from the name, it's only for Amazon Prime members, who pay $119 each year to belong. But the odds are good that includes you, since apparently half of all Americans are Prime members. And if you're not, you can sign up for a free month-long trial and get in on those Prime Day deals right away.

So what are the best deals for you? 

It's safe to assume you're going to save big on Amazon's own tech products -- the Echo devices which give you access to the magic of Alexa, the Kindle for books, the Fire TV stick, etc. CNET, which is a technology-oriented website, has a good list of tech stuff that'll be significantly marked down.

And at different times throughout the 36-hour Prime Day window, you'll save on everything from kitchen items to baby wipes to furniture.

Here's a good overview of Prime Day from ABC News . . . and as they point out, now that Amazon is in control of Whole Foods, you're going to save in those brick-and-mortar stores, too. Here's a look at Whole Foods deals that might be right for you.

ABC's best tip: Make sure you really need what you're about to buy -- don't be distracted be a deep discount on something you don't really need. And before you click, check around the internet to make sure the same item isn't available elsewhere for less. (Although that free shipping for Prime members sometimes makes the difrerence when comparing prices.)

Happy shopping -- and remember that you might be able to bankroll your cyber-shopping-spree with the $1000 At-Work Payday on The Sound. (Just trying to help!)