Bourbon & Bacon Fest brings you the many possibilities of bacon

Bacon: It's not just a sidekick for scrambled eggs or a sandwich enhancer. Here are some ways to enjoy bacon you might not have considered.

January 15, 2019
Bacon on a plate

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We're gearing up for another legendary Bourbon and Bacon Fest, one of the Pacific Northwest's premiere tasting events and, if you ask me, a perfect way to spend a March afternoon.

Imagine the many ways the smoky, salty snap of crisp bacon can mingle with the aromatic spice and warmth of a good bourbon. And then picture an entire event inspired by those pairings. That's Bourbon and Bacon Fest, which will be happening on Saturday, March 9 in two sessions -- afternoon or evening -- at the Seattle Design Center.

So I got to thinking about bacon and the many ways it can be enjoyed. I mean, we all love a perfect BLT, or a hearty breakfast of eggs, bacon, and hash browns. But Bourbon and Bacon Fest is all about pushing the envelope and offering you new ways to enjoy bacon -- ways you maybe hadn't thought about before.

The folks over at Lifehack turned up The 10 Most Unique Bacon Recipes You’ll Ever Try, which I think will whet your appetite and open your mind to bacon's many possibilities.

For instance, for the bacon lover with a sweet tooth: Bacon Brownies. Or Maple Buttercream Cupcakes with Bacon Sprinkles. Or Maple Bacon Cookie Dough Truffles, Chocolate Almond Bacon Clusters, Bacon Rice Crispy Treats, and Chocolate-Dipped Bacon Candy With Sea Salt. I think I'm getting goosebumps. Amazing how easily bacon adapts to the dessert side of the menu, right?

And on the more savory side, there's the very innovative Woven Bacon Taco Shells, Bacon-Wrapped Sushi (I know what you're thinking -- relax, it's baked!) and the epic Apple Pie Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Spread a little Bacon Jam on that and you're going to need a nap right after lunch.

I honestly don't know what our many bacon vendors have in store for us at Bourbon and Bacon Fest , but if it's anything like these inspired creations, we're in for some good eating, not to mention the synergy between the bacony bites and the many varieties of bourbon. Heaven!

Check out all those bacon recipes here.

And more importantly, get Bourbon and Bacon Fest details here, and click through to buy tickets right now. Tickets are going fast, so grab them now and we'll see you in Seattle on March 9!