The top of your desk is 400 times more disgusting than your toilet seat

Your desk, your phone, and your computer keyboard are crawling with bacteria

March 5, 2018
Germs on a desk

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I'm not a germophobe, but stories like this totally skeeve me out.

Somebody has taken the time to analyze how much bacteria is on common devices and surfaces we use and touch every day -- espcially in our workplaces. And guess what? The surface of your desk, your phone, your computer keyboard . . . .they're all slathered with more bacteria than the average toilet seat. Barf.

You can read the disgusting facts and figues in a handy graphic in this article. But check out the numbers: 

Bacteria per square inch on typical toilet seat: 127.

Bacteria per square inch on the top of a typical office desk: 20,961. On a phone: 25,127. On a computer keyboard: 3,295. In other words, the parts of our personal office space that we probably assume are pretty tidy and germ free are, in a word . . . vile. Oh, and here's a good factoid from the story that you can lay on your coworkers:

People in sales and marketing were dubbed the worst for cleanliness with over a fifth admitting that they only clean their desk once a month.

Throw that onto the agenda at your next staff meeting!

Let's keep washing our hands, people . . . and stash some antibacterial wipes in your desk drawer, okay?