The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is bringing their holiday show to the Tacoma Dome this year

Listen as Al Pitrelli, the TSO's guitarist and musical director, takes you behind the scenes of the band's elaborate stage production

September 13, 2018
House with Christmas lights

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You may not quite be ready for the holidays, but it's pretty much all Al Pitrelli thinks about. He's the guitarist, musical director, and an original member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and unlike most touring bands, they pack a year's worth of concerts into two months -- they're incredibly busy in November and December and then come January 1, they pack up the lights and the smoke machines until next year.

The TSO traditionally plays Key Arena in Seattle around the holidays, but since the Key is going to undergo remodeling to accommodate a new hockey team, it'll be unavailable this holiday season, so the band will head south to the Tacoma Dome for their epic "The Ghost of Christmas Eve" on Sunday, November 25 (the Sunday after Thanksgiving) at 3 pm. Those tickets go on sale this Friday, September 14.

I had a chat with Al Pitrelli the other day; he talked about how the band prepares for its annual slate of Christmas shows, whether the group's elaborately staged shows ever result in a Spinal Tap moment when the technology lets them down, and how  returning to the Pacific Northwest is like reuniting with old friends and family for the members of the band.


Here's the link to the tickets.