Watch: My son and I carved a 94.1 The Sound pumpkin, and it's teal blue

I don't normally let my son Dawson play with sharp things, but I was supervising this operation

October 24, 2018
Blue pumpkin in the studio

John Fisher, photographic genius


Here's a little father-and-son project I tackled the other day with my charming 7-year-old kid Dawson. I was at Target looking at the Halloween stuff and I discovered this shelf of teal-blue plastic pumpkins that are carvable just like real pumpkins.

I didn't realize that teal-blue pumpkins and buckets and stuff were a thing, but according to the Target website, the Teal Pumpkin Project means that you "place a teal pumpkin outside your door to let trick-or-treaters with allergies know you have non-food options." That seems very inclusive, so yay Target.

But to be honest, the teal blue pumpkins actually caught my eye because that's the color we use in our logo for 94.1 The Sound:

Sound microphone
Another brilliant John Fisher photo

So I immediately thought I'd found a perfect pumpkin to spruce up the Sound studio, and I wouldn't have to tromp around in a muddy pumpkin patch to get it, either. Also, Dawson was getting itchy to use the pumpkin carving tools we'd bought last year, so I figured we had a great activity to do together, and possibly a fun project to capture on video.

Watch as Dawson and I work our Halloween magic on our teal blue pumpkin.

As you can see, the boy is not camera-shy: