Toilet paper "over" or "under?" Your answer says a lot about you

It's more than just personal perference. The way you choose to let your toilet paper hang from the roll actually reveals deep secrets about your true nature

January 3, 2019
Toilet paper over and under

(Over: © Gvictoria | (Under © Lasse Kristensen |


It's one of the most timeless disagreements couples have: Which way do you hang the toilet paper? Do you hang it so the roll cascades down over the front? Or so it curls around behind the back and under?   

I know some couples for whom this is serious stuff. I'll admit I've been known to quietly switch the roll from "under" to "over" in my house, and luckily it hasn't resulted in any major conflicts; I think in my house, as in many houses, each partner is just grateful that the other bothered to put a new roll up at all rather than leaving a cardboard tube with a half-square-inch remnant of TP stuck to it. 

But, as is often the case, things take on more importance once scientists and researchers get into the act. So this article gives you the hard facts about your TP-hanging preference. To sum up the gist of the story, it turns out that people in the "over" camp are take-charge, dominant, assertive, leaders. And if you prefer the "under" configuration, you're easy-going, empathetic, flexible, and maybe even submissive.

And then there are the outliers -- those renegades who don't even use a toilet paper holder. The roll just sits there on a vanity, counter, shelf, or the top of the toilet tank, free and untethered. If you're one of those people, you're more likely to be a free thinker and extremely unconventional. You dance to your own beat. 

So how about you? Which way do you let it hang? Let me know, or join the conversation on our Facebook page.