Seattle will probably recover from the pandemic more quickly than other cities

The brainiacs who crunch the numbers think the Seattle area has a better chance of a quicker recovery than other large cities

May 11, 2020

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Here's some good news for a change: the Seattle area is likely to recover more quickly from the COVID-19 pandemic than a lot of big and medium-sized cities. 

There's a report in Yahoo News about Moody's Analytics, whose job is to crunch lots and lots of numbers, day in and day out, numbers numbers numbers. Oh, sorry, I just dozed off for a second.

ANYHOO, in this case the numbers are kind of exciting because apparently they indicate that Seattle has a higher probability of a quicker recovery from this whole calamity than a lot of other cities. The Moody's expert says:

“A key difference between this recovery and the last recovery is the population density. t's going to have a different effect this time than it did last time.”  Dense populations were helpful in recovering from the last economic meltdown, but this time, "big densely populated cities … are going to be viewed as inherently risky . . . . some of the places that we're really looking at now would be places that have high degrees of educational attainment but are lower density … [that] have grown very, very well over the last five or six years in particular, are pretty well positioned coming out of this whenever we do."

The report says Seattle, San Jose, Durham, Austin, and Minneapolis are expected to recover quickly. It's going to be a longer struggle for New York City, Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas and Miami. Those densely-populated cities where a big percentage of people take public transit will be on shaky ground for awhile.

So as you continue to hunker down, work from home, or look for work, take heart -- we're making progress and we should be getting through this sooner than a lot of other cities around the country. And let's be honest -- in the summertime, this isn't a bad place to be stuck!

Here's the story from Yahoo News and from KOMO News in Seattle.


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