Join The Sound as we support Ace Hardware's commitment to Seattle Children's Hospital

We're so lucky to have Seattle Children's in our community, and thanks to Ace Hardware it's so easy to show your gratitude

July 20, 2020
Young girl and nurse in the hospital

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If you raised a child in the Seattle area, there's a pretty good chance you've had some experience with Seattle Children's Hospital. I know I have, and my son -- who's eight now -- still remembers how cared-for he felt when we took him to Children's in the middle of the night with mysterious and severe abdominal pain a few years ago. Luckily, it was just a bad stomach ache -- probably from too much of something that was bad for him. Not appendicitis, not a kidney stone, nothing serious. 

But there are plenty of kids with health issues that are serious -- conditions that require top-notch care, and the good news for them is that they can get that care right here in Seattle. 

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We're lucky to have this world-renowned facility in our midst, and the New 94-1 The Sound is proud to support Seattle Children’s Hospital and Ace Hardware’s commitment to such a community asset.  Ace takes pride in being helpful and that extends beyond the walls of their stores. As a national partner of Children’s Miracle Network hospitals, Ace Hardware has raised over $125 million for kids and families.

And right here in Seattle, when you donate at your local Ace, or online right here, 100% of that donation goes to Seattle Children’s Hospital. Last year alone, that added up to over $300,000 dollars.

Locate your nearest Ace here.

The New 94-1 The Sound salutes Ace Hardware and you for helping children!