Do you miss your office? This website lets you recreate the sounds of your workplace

Working from home can be lonely, so this website recreates the buzz and the activity of a real office filled with people

April 21, 2020
Busy office

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Working from home has its benefits. Grooming? Hygiene? Clothes? Who needs 'em?

But to be perfectly honest, it gets a little lonely. I know I sure miss my coworkers -- the energy of people interacting, wisecracking, collaborating, gossiping, solving problems . . . and just the general hum of the office environment that helps put you in work mode as soon as you sit down in front of your screens. 

Well, now you can have the best of both worlds -- the casual, unkempt vibe of your dining room, plus the buttoned-down buzz of a real workplace. I Miss the Office is a quirky little website that lets you recreate the sounds of your coworkers and the technology you all use to get the job done -- copy machine, water cooler, keyboard, etc. You can even pick the number of coworkers you'd like around you, for more realism. 

Who knows? It may actually improve productivity. I'd love to talk to you about how productive I am while I'm working from home, but I have to feed my dog now.


The website: I Miss the Office


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