Starting today, it's John & Jeanne in the morning on The Sound!

I've been all alone in the Sound studio every morning since January. Finally, I have some company in here!

October 25, 2018
John & Jeanne

Photo by Jason Dildine


When you're on the radio in the morning, you're up before most normal people. You drive to work at zero dark thirty. And if you're flying solo, you're basically talking to yourself for four or five hours a day. Well after eight months of that, I was starting to get a little lonely in the studio, and I decided I needed some company. So, starting today, I'm super excited to let you know that I have a partner on the air, and her name is Jeanne Ashley. She just arrived from Miami (yup, she drove across the country with her dog Teddy), she loves the PNW, and you're going to love her as you get to know her.

I asked Jeanne to give up a few key details about herself, and here's what she sent me:

  • Mother of a 27-year-old daughter, Katy. 
  • Mother to my golden mix Teddy. (This dog saved my life.)
  • Youngest of 7 very different, very diverse Ashley kids.
  • Single, and while I LOVE men, I've put dating on hold till I get settled here. 
  • I have a strong sense of justice and aIways root for the underdog.
  • I love finding the silly in ordinary situations.
  • I love animals, nature, kayaking, anything having to do with the water.
  • I'm a problem solver and an unsolicited advice/opinion giver. 
  • I'm comfortable both at the symphony or playing darts at a dive bar.
  • BTW, I kick ass at darts. (Steel tip, baby!)

I hope you'll join me in welcoming Jeanne to our little Sound family. I'm SO glad she's in here with me, and I think you'll be glad she's here too!