Owning a boat is hard. Renting a boat around the Sound is easy!

There are lots of places around Seattle where you and your crew can get out on the water in the best kind of boat there is -- somebody else's boat

June 19, 2019
Kayaks in Seattle

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I'm a big believer in the adage that it's better to have friends with boats rather than owning a boat myself. I'll bring the beer and some money for gas if you'll let me kick it on the deck of your mega-yacht, or just ride around a lake in your dinghy. 

And if you don't happen to know anyone with a boat but you just have that urge to get out on the water, there are lots of ways to do it around the Sound. Seattle Met published a great story -- Sail the Local Seas on These 8 Boat Rentals and Cruises -- that steers you to the best options for easy access to the water, even if you're a novice mariner who doesn't know a jib from an oar.

•Of course, here at The Sound we're big fans of Argosy Cruises. We just had a great Father's Day expedition to Blake Island with them, and they'll also take you through the Ballard Locks, along the Seattle waterfront, or out on Lake Washington so you can sail by Bill Gates' massive compound.

•Another option I've tried a few times is The Electric Boat Company on Lake Union. I love these cute little vessels!  Pack your cooler with your own goodies and libations and the party's on. (For two hours, anyway.) My advice is to pay attention, though, because float planes and stand-up paddleboarders are all around you on Lake Union.

•If you want to really get close to the water, you're going to need a kayak. And for my money, the best place to try it is off of Alki in my neck of the woods -- West Seattle. Alki Kayak Tours will hook you up and give you a lesson if you're a kayaking newbie, and off you go.

Check out all your enticing nautical options -- including the very decadent Hot Tub Boat -- by taking a look at the full story over at Seattle Met.

Summer's short around here -- you can wait for an invitation from your boat-owning friends, or you can take things into your own hands and get out there this weekend. Have fun!