Where to see John's art on display in West Seattle

It's not some hoity-toity art gallery, but it's a sweet neighborhood restaurant with a great menu, and the walls are covered with my art

July 16, 2019
Me and my art at Circa in West Seattle

John Fisher (yup, a selfie)

I'm a painter. Not the house-painting kind of painter; the hang-it-on-the-wall kind of painter. I started a couple of years ago, and I love doing it. I've sold some of my stuff at art fairs and local art walks, which is nice. It's very gratifying to think that someone wants to spend their hard-earned money so that one of my little pieces can hang on a wall in their house. 

It's summertime, though, so I haven't been spending time in my studio, because it's in my basement and it's dark down there. There'll be plenty of time for darkness when autumn gets here. So I've kind of been on hiatus, not really thinking consciously about painting but just soaking up the world so I'll have some new ideas when I do return to the studio.

But . . . . what do you know? I got a great opportunity from the people at Circa, a sweet neighborhood bistro in West Seattle's Admiral District. They asked if I could hang some of my art on their walls for a couple of months -- basically, the rest of the summer -- so they'd have something for their patrons to look at, and so I might sell a few things. I was thrilled to be asked, they were grateful for something colorful on their walls, and boom! We made it happen.

So if you find yourself on an outing at Alki Beach, traipsing through Lincoln Park, or driving off the Vashon ferry and you want a great meal, head to 2605 California Ave. SW, make yourself comfy, and have a look at my work. You can't miss it in there:

I hung the art myself, and TBH here's the placement I'm proudest of. Can't miss it!

I hope you get a chance to see my stuff in this lovely and delicious setting. (Well, maybe the setting just above isn't so lovely, but you get the idea.)

Learn all about West Seattle's Circa here -- BTW, whatever you order, you really need to start with the Sriracha Brussels Sprouts.

And take a look at all my art here.