Spring is here! Where to see things blooming around the Sound

You can see it and smell it all over the place -- Spring is definitely in the air. Here's where to go for the best blooms, while they last

March 21, 2019
Cherry blooms

© Pavel Nadelyayev | Dreamstime.com


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Have you noticed the cherry blossoms in your neighborhood? It seemed like one day there weren't any, and then the next day the trees were exploding with a riot of pink up and down the street, right? And everything started to smell beautiful? That's spring in the PNW, and it comes on fast. Those gorgeous pink blossoms don't last long, though, so if you want to get a good dose of them before they drop to the ground, check out Blooming Out! 6 Spots to See Spectacular Spring Blooms from Red Tricycle Seattle

Even though there are plenty of places throughout the Puget Sound area where you can see spring blossoms in action, like Point Defiance Park in Tacoma, or Cougar Mountain Regional Wildland Park on the East Side, this list is pretty Seattle-centric:- Seward Park, Discovery Park, Volunteer Park, Kubota Garden, and my personal favorite, the Washington Park Arboretum. That last one's on the top of my list for sentimental reasons; I used to live in Madison Valley just a stone's throw from the Arboretum. I used to walk my dog Zoe on the regular in the park (in fact, after she passed away I spread her ashes there in a top secret spot.) When my son Dawson was just a toddler we'd push him around the Arboretum in his stroller -- rain or shine --  and point out the flora and fauna (even though he probably didn't understand what we were saying.)

Dawson as a baby in the Arboretum
John Fisher (yeah, me)









In fact, I vividly remember him standing on the edge of a pond there as baby ducks gathered around him, perhaps curious about his squeals of delight at these newly discovered creatures who quacked as they paddled through the water. I've been to weddings and invasive ivy-pulling expeditions in the Arboretum, and I've traversed the length of the park on cross-country skis after a snowfall. It's one of my favorite quiet places in Seattle, and it's my go-to when the trees are blooming in spring. I hope you get the chance to spend some time there soon -- or one of these beautiful spots

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