Where to buy a made-in-Seattle face mask

It looks like we're going to be sporting face masks for awhile, so let's kick the look up a notch with masks that are stylish, safe, and locally made

May 12, 2020
John in a locally made mask

It's a selfie

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Pretty soon face masks are going to be like shoes, or underwear, or scarves. It'll be just another accessory, you'll eventually have a drawer full of them, and you'll always be on the lookout for something new and different in face mask fashion-- something you don't see on every other face at the farmer's market. The best way to find those unique looks? Go local.

At the beginning of all this, when it was hard to find masks at all, I turned to Etsy (the website for makers and craftspeople and artists) and snagged the gray patterned number I'm wearing in the picture above. It wasn't local to Seattle, but it was local somewhere --  was made by a person in her home on the other side of the country.

Which brings us to right now. We're wearing masks in more and more situations, either because we care about protecting everybody, or because the mayor or the governor or a store owner says we have to. So the natural human tendency is to be a little unique, right? That's why this story from the Seattle PI caught my eye: 

Where to buy locally made face masks in Seattle. They put Etsy at the top of their list, too. You may not always find what you want from a local maker (although you can search by location, so you can narrow your search to the PNW,) but you can always find items made by individuals and not conglomerates.

The PI also suggests Splash Fabrics (a woman working out of her home on Capitol Hill,) Mother Earth Fine Art (a Seattle designer is doing a "match the mask" program to put masks in the hands of those who can't obtain them,) and Kade & Voss (selling flowery and colorful masks in sizes -- adult, child, and baby -- and they're only $7.)

KING 5 News covered a local guy in their story Fashion-forward face masks are a thing thanks to a Seattle designer. Take a look at the beautiful designs by Gustavo Apiti, inspired by his early life in the Congo. On the spendy side, but unique and gorgeous.

Oh, and here's a link to the Facebook page of a woman in Puyallup who's making all the masks she can, and you choose the fabric from her vast selection.

You've got to have a few, really -- one to wear right now and a couple more in the laundry bin. So as long as you're beefing up your mask collection, might as well go beyond basic white and show some personality. And don't forget to wash your hands, and your mask.

John in a polka-dot mask
This is also a selfie

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