So you got your ballot in the mail. Now where do you drop it off?

Where to find ballot drop boxes in King, Snohomish, Pierce, and surrounding counties, and how to find out if it got counted.

October 15, 2020
Election ballot box

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So you got your ballot for the November 3 election in the mail. Now what?

If you fill it out soon, there's really no problem dropping it in the mail. And in Washington State, you don't have to put a stamp on your ballot envelope -- postage is free.

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But this year a lot of voters are taking the DIY approach and opting to deposit their ballots by hand in an official ballot drop box. You have until 8pm on Election Day to drop it off, but once again, this year people seem to be thinking that earlier is better, so this isn't the time to procrastinate.

So now the question is: Where's my nearest drop box? 

Glad you asked. Here's where you'll find the nearest drop box, by county, all around the Sound:

Once you've mailed your ballot or delivered it to a drop box, you can find out if it made it to its destination and got counted.  Just click this link, enter your name and birthdate, and then click "Ballot Status" on the left. 

Any other questions about voting?

In Washington, here's where you can check your registration and find all the answers you need.

And here's our huge guide to voting, not only in Washington, but in every state in the U.S.

Use your voice -- vote!