Where to watch the Blue Angels this weekend, from either side of the lake

The Blue Angels are moving the show slightly south over Lake Washington this year. So where should you go for the best vantage point?

July 30, 2019
Blue Angels

Justin Sullivan / Staff / Getty Images North America


The best thing about moving the Blue Angels airshow a little bit south this year is that there won't be any closures of the I-90 Bridge, for practices or for the shows. A little less gridlock will be a refreshing change.

So where to go to get the best view of the Blues? 

Well as you probably know from experience, at any given moment over the next few days, a Navy jet may be doing a barrel roll right over your head or buzzing the office tower you work in. But when it's actually time for the shows, you have a lot of options.

This website, Greater Seattle On The Cheap, offers some tips about a bunch of parks along Lake Washington on the Seattle side --  from the Mt. Baker Ridge Viewpoint on the north down the shoreline to Pritchard Island Beach -- and a few on the Mercer Island side. 

They also steer you to some small parks and viewpoints from Beacon Hill and Capitol Hill to West Seattle and even Queen Anne where you may get a pretty decent view of the action, although you won't be right on the shore of the lake, obviously. And if you're willing to fork over some money, you can go high end and watch the show from Seattle's Smith Tower, the newly refurbished Sky View Observatory at Columbia Center, and the Space Needle.

I'd suggest taking a peek at this post on Red Tricycle Seattle, too. They run down your transportation options if you'd like to leave the car at home and skip the parking hassle, and they also offer some great vantage points, including more options on the Eastside -- on Mercer Island, in Medina, and in Bellevue. 

The good thing about an air show is that there's really no such thing as a front-row seat. Just look up and you'll probably see something fast, loud, and exciting this weekend.

Oh yeah, and my personal tips for you if you're taking young kids to watch either the Blue Angles or the hydros: Pack earplugs (some kids don't revel in the roar of jet engines as much as we grownups do,) put some supportive, comfy shoes on the kids who are old enough to walk on their own, stay hydrated, and for pete's sake, pack sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat with a visor. You're going to be standing in the sun and looking up. Take care of your self . . . and have fun!