Which of these 17 beach towns close to Seattle will you visit this summer?

You don't have to go far to feel the ocean breezes -- and drive on the beach!

March 7, 2018
Long Beach Washington

© Tusharkoley | Dreamstime.com


Is it too early to plan a summer escape to the Washington coast? No it is not!

And lucky for you and me, we have a huge variety of charming, quaint, even cheesy coastal towns to explore. The website Curbed put together a great list of 17 getaways you can reach within half a day at the most. Some require a ferry, which adds a little hassle and uncertainty to the trip, but in my experience a ferry ride does give you that "aaaahhhhhhhhhh" feeling as soon as the boat leaves the dock -- you know you're leaving your daily grind behind and heading off for an adventure.

You can check the list and pick your own favorites. I'll tell you mine:

Eastsound (on Orcas Island) The San Juans can be a hassle during the height of summer, and you really need to make a ferry reservation for peace of mind, but this is town is pretty perfect at walking the line between quaint and touristy.

Edmonds (north of Seattle, duh) Probably the easiest to get to, except at rush hour on Friday afternoon, but Edmonds is really a gem, with lots of restaurant options and plenty of beachfront to walk or bike or just hang out. And you can jump on the ferry and head to Kingston from here, too.

Gig Harbor (South Sound) The must-do experience here requires a boat. So find a friend or relative with some kind of vessel and make them take you to the Tides Tavern where you can tie up to all the other boats, meet friendly people, and enjoy fish & chips or a cold one right on the water. A classic South Sound expreience.

Ocean Shores (Grays Harbor County) Possibly the cheesiest beach getaway in the state, but tons of fun: go-karts, arcades, biking, and mini-golf, plus it's a great place to drive on the beach! The first time you try that, it feels wrong. But you have to try it!

Safe travels, and here's to the early arrival of summer!