Workplace tip: Don't do these 6 things on your work computer

We all do at least a couple of these at work, but you might want to do this personal stuff on your phone, not your computer

April 12, 2018
Woman at work using a laptop

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Deep down inside, you know that your work computer, and everything on it, belong to your employer. So be smart about how you use it.

I just found a good list from InStyle called  "6 Things You Should Never Do on Your Work Computer."  And if you think about it for a minute, the list shouldn't surprise you.

The number one tip is "Never save personal files to your desktop" because guess what? If you save them on a work computer, they're not personal anymore -- they belong to your company. The guest list for your big birthday bash, your honey-do list for your spouse, the spreadsheet with all the people you've met on Bumble  . . .. . not yours anymore!

Other rules:

Don't go to any sites you wouldn't show your boss. (This may apply to men more than women, if you know what I mean. But still.)

Don't have personal conversations over office chat apps. (Especially if it's gossip about a coworker. That stuff gets saved.)

Don't shop online. (I think a fair question from your boss in this case would be, "What am I paying you for? Doing your job, or buy shoes on Zappos?")

Don't use your personal email. (Because you never know what kind of weird stuff friends might send you, including viruses.)

Don't search for jobs at other companies.   (Unless you want your boss to know you're reallllllly unhappy.)           

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