John & Jeanne in the studio

Behind the scenes with John & Jeanne, first thing in the morning

Jeanne and I get up at zero-dark-thirty so we can be awake and on the air when you get up and ready for work. We sit in the studio, click through our news feeds on our computers, and chat about what's happening in the Northwest and the world, thinking about what might be fun to talk about and share...
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Space Needle

A HUGE weekend for music around the Sound -- and it's Labor Day weekend!

The unofficial end of summer is here -- three days to play and sing and cheer and eat and drink. The weather will be decent, the Highway 99 tunnel is still free . . . let's get out there and make this weekend count! Everett AquaSox baseball Saturday 7:05pm, Sunday 4:05pm, Monday 4:05pm The Sox are...
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UFOs among us, baseball all over, music in the air: Around the Sound this weekend

There's something about the humble but blossoming town of Burien that seems to make it the perfect spot to have a UFO festival . As the Seattle area continues to grow and lose some of the quirkiness that used to be a signature of our part of the world, we need places like Burien to step up and say...
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Young John and an old radio

Happy National Radio Day!

Radio fascinated me from the time I was a little kid. I noticed how on summer nights my dad leaned in to the hi-fi in the family room to hear every moment of a Tigers baseball game through the crackle of the static on WJR-AM in my hometown of Detroit. I first heard The Beatles on the station I and...
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Meet Blanco, The Legendary Costco Cart

Supported by Every neighborhood needs an icon. West Seattle has its Statue Of Liberty, Freemont has its Troll and Vashonites are proud of that bike in that tree. Woodinville has its wineries , so it didn't really need anything else to brag about, but don't tell that to fans of Blanco...
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Blue Angels

Where to watch the Blue Angels this weekend, from either side of the lake

The best thing about moving the Blue Angels airshow a little bit south this year is that there won't be any closures of the I-90 Bridge, for practices or for the shows. A little less gridlock will be a refreshing change. So where to go to get the best view of the Blues? Well as you probably know...
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Sniffspot: Where Apartment Dogs Who Hate Dog Parks Can Run Free

Supported by When you're a dog owner living in an apartment, the dog park is pretty much your only option for off-leash fun for your pooch. But what if your dog doesn't do well in dog parks? There's a new app for that. Sniffspot matches homeowners with yards/land with dog owners who...
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Me and my art at Circa in West Seattle

Where to see John's art on display in West Seattle

I'm a painter. Not the house-painting kind of painter; the hang-it-on-the-wall kind of painter. I started a couple of years ago, and I love doing it. I've sold some of my stuff at art fairs and local art walks, which is nice. It's very gratifying to think that someone wants to spend their hard-...
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Seismograph measuring earthquake activity

Not the first time you've been asked -- are you ready for The Big One?

In the wake of those two earthquakes that just happened in Southern California -- a 6.4 followed the next day by a 7.1, and around 3,000 aftershocks -- and the smaller ones we just had east of Everett, we once again get scolded by the media for not being prepared for The Big One here in the Pacific...
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Smokey Bear

Be A Mountain Steward For Fire Season

Supported by Guys named Smokey have to hang together. My pal and namesake Smokey Bear asked me to spread the word about the impending fire hazard and how you can help. March was one of the driest on record. The measured rain at Sea-Tac was 63% BELOW normal. April rains produced rains...
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