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Space Needle

The Space Needle's Time Capsule Needs You

Supported by The Space Needle is up to some fun: planning a new time capsule to be opened on April 21, 2062, which will mark the 100th Anniversary of Seattle's iconic landmark. It's actually not just one time capsule, but six of them. They're not very big, just 3"x3"x3" and they're...
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Safety Pin

Happy International Safety Pin Day

Supported by Today is International Safety Pin Day. It got me wondering why would we even have a Safety Pin Day, so I looked into it. As it turns out, we've been using safety pins for thousands of years. Sometime in the 14th or 13th century BC, the Mycenaeans in...
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urban and space design

The sad side of NASA cancelling first ever all-female spacewalk

The first all-female spacewalk that was scheduled for this Friday won't be happening because of a NASA "spacesuit availablility" issue. In other words, NASA doesn't have spacesuits that fit women correctly. On the surface this looks like a minor "oops" moment for the space agency, but if you go a...
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retractable leashes

Retractable Dog Leashes: The Great Debate A recent study which shows the rise in dog walking-related injuries sustained by older Americans has brought an old debate back into the light; Are retractable leashes a good or a bad thing? The answer, of course, is both. While retractable leashes are good for walking your dog in...
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Your pet probably hates the time change

This could be the last weekend we here in Washington will have to adjust our clocks for Daylight Saving Time. The state is once again considering staying on Pacific Daylight Time all year round, so we'll see. Until then, your pet's schedule is about to get knocked off kilter again and he doesn't...
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Interviewing for a job? Alexa can help

Some things about job interviews will never change; the nervous wait at reception, the "tell me about yourself" question, etc. But the process has changed over the past 20 years. For example, it's never been easier to do your homework about your potential employer. There are also more ways to...
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Boss lies

What to do if you catch your boss in a lie

Every boss lies from time to time. It comes with the territory. Think of the best boss you've ever had, and I guarantee there was a time he/she had to give you misinformation, whether it was to protect a company secret or confidence of another employee. I once had a boss who lied so much it became...
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Christmas Trees Are Going To The Goats

I'm always amused to learn new ways of re-purposing things, so when I found out that some people are giving their dead Christmas trees to goats, I just had to share the idea with you. As it happens, goats (and deer, for that matter) LOVE pine needles and they're actually good for them. If there's a...
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Christmas Book

Remember These Classic Christmas Books?

My daughter called the other night and wanted to know if I remembered any of the Christmas books I read to her when she was little. She wants to give a few good ones to a friend whose baby will be celebrating her first Christmas. Of course, the first few we both recalled were The Night Before...
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Stevie Nicks

How do you feel about #ThisSong ?

Voltaire said, "Anything too stupid to be spoken is sung", which is true of some songs. But one thing that's also true is that every song evokes some sort of emotional response from us. I've always been curious about why we love, hate or are even indifferent to certain songs so I've decided to put...
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