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Christmas Trees Are Going To The Goats

I'm always amused to learn new ways of re-purposing things, so when I found out that some people are giving their dead Christmas trees to goats, I just had to share the idea with you. As it happens, goats (and deer, for that matter) LOVE pine needles and they're actually good for them. If there's a...
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Christmas Book

Remember These Classic Christmas Books?

My daughter called the other night and wanted to know if I remembered any of the Christmas books I read to her when she was little. She wants to give a few good ones to a friend whose baby will be celebrating her first Christmas. Of course, the first few we both recalled were The Night Before...
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Stevie Nicks

How do you feel about #ThisSong ?

Voltaire said, "Anything too stupid to be spoken is sung", which is true of some songs. But one thing that's also true is that every song evokes some sort of emotional response from us. I've always been curious about why we love, hate or are even indifferent to certain songs so I've decided to put...
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Holiday stress

Do the holidays stress you out?

If you feel holiday burn out, you're not alone. According to a recent study, 68% of us find Thanksgiving through Christmas/Hanukkah to be a stressful time and 36% of Americans have already had enough of all things "ho ho ho" by mid-December. What is it about the Season that stresses us out and what...
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Coffee Cup

Caffeine Calculator lets you plan your coffee kick

As the song goes, "I love the java jive and it loves me". We all know that too much of a good thing is never a good thing, especially when it comes to caffeine. If you love your coffee but worry about your caffeine intake there's a great new tool to help you sort it all out. But The Coffee Kick...
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Teddy resting

Tell Jeanne & Teddy your favorite dog-friendly spots around the Sound

It's been a few weeks since my dog Teddy and I arrived to Seattle and now that we've settled into our new place, we're ready to explore! John Fisher has already taken us to Optimism Brewing Company on Capitol Hill, but I've been told there are a lot of other dog-friendly places to eat, drink and...
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Family Creates Awesome Daily Skeleton Scenes For Halloween

These Halloween skeleton decorations are so creative they’ll tickle your funny bone. Stephanie, who lives across the street takes a photo everyday of her neighbors unique lawn decorations.
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Gorillas, Lemurs and Squirrel Monkeys Get Ready For Halloween with Pumpkin Patch

Who says Halloween is just for kids? These gorillas got in on the holiday fun, playing with pumpkins at a London zoo. Staff say they had a ball smashing the jack o'lanterns open and scoping out the gooey inside, which had a special treat added- sugar-free lime jelly.
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Watch Divers Carve Pumpkins Underwater Surrounded By Sharks

Two fearless divers joined the ultimate pumpkin carving competition underwater with sharks. The Sydney Sea Life Aquarium in Australia added to the challenge after a few of their other locations showed off their carving talent while surrounded by marine life.
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