Paul Allen

Paul Allen made Seattle -- and the world -- a better place

When Paul Allen died on Monday of complications from non-Hodgkin lymphoma, the Pacific Northwest lost an incredibly powerful force for good. No matter what you care about -- sports, technology, space exploration, music, urban planning, art, the environment, education, communications, politics --...
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Office lottery winners

Playing an office lottery pool? Do these five things

With a Mega Millions jackpot of almost a billion bucks, and a Powerball jackpot approaching half a billion , you might be tempted to partner up with your coworkers to make a bulk ticket purchase and increase your chances of winning. Personally, I'm so selfish that I just want to buy my own and keep...
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Thrill your trick-or-treaters with these limited-edition Halloween candies

Let's start with this: Trick-or-treating kids don't want apples, or stickers, or granola bars. They want candy. Period. So now your job as a front-door-candy-hander-outer on Halloween is to make your candy stand out form everybody else's candy . And you do that with limited-edition candies that are...
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Haunted House

Haunted Houses, Legos, Oysters, Salmon & Crab: Weekend fun around the Sound

It got kind of autumny this week, and not necessarily the good kind if you dread the dark damp days of winter. But we've got our fleece and our Gore-Tex and we're ready for anything, right? Good, because there's a lot to do outside this weekend, and you wouldn't want the threat of a little rain or...
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Pumpkin patch

It's October! Here's where to pick your own pumpkin around the Sound

I was a little freaked out around Labor Day when Halloween decorations and candy and costumes started showing up in stores, nearly two months before the actual holiday. But now October is here, and it's time to get serious about Halloween, which means lodaing up the family and heading to a pumpkin...
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Beer drinkers

Taste beer, salute Italy, sing along to Journey: Around the Sound this weekend

There's autumn in the air, and it's the last weekend of September. Baseball is winding down, football is going strong, and Halloween is on the way. This weekend is full of activities to help you make that transition into fall: Mariners Baseball Friday – Sunday. It’s the final weekend of Seattle...
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A whole bunch of cheese

Cheese, boats, birds, trucks, music, art. Your weekend around the Sound.

Is there ever a "slow" weekend around the Sound? Not these days. Here's a few ideas about how you can fill your weekend with fun: Washington Artisan Cheesemakers Festival Saturday, 1-5pm. Showcasing a wide array of artisan and farmstead cheeses made in Washington. Meet the cheesemakers and sample...
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Uno cards

Which of these finalists will you vote into the National Toy Hall of Fame?

Lego, Monopoly, and the Rubik’s Cube are already in. Who'll be next? I'm talking about the National Toy Hall of Fame , which you and I will probably never visit because it's in Rochester, New York, and if you're anything like me, you're unlikely to be visiting Rochester anytime soon. Too bad,...
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House with Christmas lights

The Trans-Siberian Orchestra is bringing their holiday show to the Tacoma Dome this year

You may not quite be ready for the holidays, but it's pretty much all Al Pitrelli thinks about. He's the guitarist, musical director, and an original member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and unlike most touring bands, they pack a year's worth of concerts into two months -- they're incredibly...
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Space needle at night

Bumbershoot is back! Labor Day weekend things to do around the Sound

Labor Day Weekend. Does it feel like summer's over? Well, technically it's not, but kids are back in school. There's that tinge of golden light toward evening, and a chill in the air when the sun goes down. The Washington State Fair, a.k.a. The Puyallup, is starting. Bumbershoot is underway. And...
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