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Sniffspot: Where Apartment Dogs Who Hate Dog Parks Can Run Free

Supported by When you're a dog owner living in an apartment, the dog park is pretty much your only option for off-leash fun for your pooch. But what if your dog doesn't do well in dog parks? There's a new app for that. Sniffspot matches homeowners with yards/land with dog owners who...
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Me and my art at Circa in West Seattle

Where to see John's art on display in West Seattle

I'm a painter. Not the house-painting kind of painter; the hang-it-on-the-wall kind of painter. I started a couple of years ago, and I love doing it. I've sold some of my stuff at art fairs and local art walks, which is nice. It's very gratifying to think that someone wants to spend their hard-...
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Estelle Getty Chia Pet

My Chia Pet fail -- Sorry, Estelle Getty of the Golden Girls

Supported by To tell you the truth, I don't have much of a green thumb. My houseplants wilt, the pots on my patio are filled with brown twigs, and my back yard is a jungle. So when my morning show partner Jeanne surprised me on my birthday with a Chia Pet -- in the image of Golden...
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Rob Thomas with John & Jeanne

Rob Thomas chats in the Sound studio with John & Jeanne

Supported by Rob Thomas has had a storied career with his band Matchbox 20, followed by a successful string of solo albums, and he'll be kicking off the summer concert series on his Chip Tooth Tour at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery on Thursday June 13. He stopped by the Sound studio to...
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Glazed donuts

Winning donuts for your workplace is fun for you, and for us too!

Supported By StickerYou We had this idea last fall -- let's send a couple of dozen Krispy Kreme donuts every weekday to Sound listeners in workplaces from Tacoma to Everett, from Poulsbo to Carnation. Who doesn't like donuts, right? And then we had an even better idea -- once a week...
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Bacon on a plate

Bourbon & Bacon Fest brings you the many possibilities of bacon

We're gearing up for another legendary Bourbon and Bacon Fest, one of the Pacific Northwest's premiere tasting events and, if you ask me, a perfect way to spend a March afternoon. Get your Bourbon & Bacon Fest tickets now! Imagine the many ways the smoky, salty snap of crisp bacon can mingle...
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Jeanne Ashley

Meet The Sound's new morning show co-host, Jeanne Ashley

Here's a fact: Doing a morning radio show is more fun when you're not the only person in the studio. While I love interacting with listeners every day, there's nothing like an in-person human being in the same room to have a real conversation with. So after talking and meeting with many potential...
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Bourbon and bacon

Bourbon & Bacon Fest Tacoma (and other fun stuff to do this weekend around the Sound)

There's the World Series on TV Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the Seahawks in Detroit at 10am Sunday, so you have plenty of good reasons to hunker down and stay home. But don't let inertia get the best of you -- at least get up, get out, and join us in Tacoma for Bourbon & Bacon Fest Tacoma,...
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John & Jeanne

Starting today, it's John & Jeanne in the morning on The Sound!

When you're on the radio in the morning, you're up before most normal people. You drive to work at zero dark thirty. And if you're flying solo, you're basically talking to yourself for four or five hours a day. Well after eight months of that, I was starting to get a little lonely in the studio,...
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Blue pumpkin in the studio

Watch: My son and I carved a 94.1 The Sound pumpkin, and it's teal blue

Here's a little father-and-son project I tackled the other day with my charming 7-year-old kid Dawson. I was at Target looking at the Halloween stuff and I discovered this shelf of teal-blue plastic pumpkins that are carvable just like real pumpkins. I didn't realize that teal-blue pumpkins and...
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