Woman cooling off with a fan

How to keep your house cool without A/C

We wait for this weather every year, then we complain about the heat. Well let's not hear any of that. This is the most epic, beautiful, breathtaking time of year in the Puget Sound area, and for all the whining we do all winter long, we have to take the occasional heat wave along with the blue...
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Dad opening a gift

Countdown to Father's Day: Gifts for the hard-to-buy-for dad

Forget the "World's Greatest Dad" BBQ apron. You can do better than that this year! When I need a dose of all things manly -- clothes, accessories, tools, tech, culture -- I turn, of course, to GQ magazine. Doesn't every man? No? (Okay,, well it's my job to read GQ . I'm on the radio.) Anyway. This...
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Jet cockpit

Listen to the cool, calm, collected woman who landed a damaged 737 and saved 149 lives

I want to give props to the incredible pilot of this Southwest Airlines flight from New York to Dallas yesterday –- the woman who landed the plane with one functioning engine. The other engine basically blew up at 30,000 feet. It sprayed shrapnel into the plane, blew out a window, and killed one of...
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Germs on a desk

The top of your desk is 400 times more disgusting than your toilet seat

I'm not a germophobe, but stories like this totally skeeve me out. Somebody has taken the time to analyze how much bacteria is on common devices and surfaces we use and touch every day -- espcially in our workplaces. And guess what? The surface of your desk, your phone, your computer keyboard...
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Standing desk

That standing desk you've been using may not be so great after all

Sometime in the last few years, every office worker who used a desk decided they needed to stand. HR departments all over the place were asked by employees to switch out their old school sit-down desk with a modern adjustable standing desk. Maybe it was the cool little motor that powered it up and...
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Kid with a phone

How to end your kid's screen time without a fight -- it works!

As the parents of a six-year-old son, one of our biggest challenges is to get him to surrender the screen. Whether it's the TV, a phone, the iPad, or a video game, it's clear he's in a different reality when he's engaged with a screen, and ripping him out of that trance is tough. But I found a...
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