Tech Gifts for Senior Moms This Mother's Day

Help mom stay in touch. An aging expert shares some gift advice for Mother’s Day, which is on Sunday. See what tech items you can give your senior parents for Mother’s Day.
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John and his remote

How to listen to 94.1 The Sound on your TV with an Xfinity remote

Now you can listen to 94.1 The Sound at home using the Xfinity X1 remote and your TV.
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Busy office

Do you miss your office? This website lets you recreate the sounds of your workplace

If you miss the background noise of your workplace, this website lets you recreate the sounds of the office while you're working from home.
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Japanese flu drug shows promise against coronavirus

Japanese flu drug shows promise in treating coronavirus during testing in China
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Apple Announces New iPad Pro and Macbook Air

Apple just announced its new iPad Pro and Macbook Air. Apple stores around the world closed its door on March 27, and are closed in the United States until further notice. Stores recently opened its doors in China.
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Charmin’s Rollbot Will Bring You Toilet Paper When You Need It Most

Charmin is offering a solution to an everyday problem – running out of toilet paper while on the toilet. There’s no need to be embarrassed, it has happened to the best of us. The “Rollbot” is a tech-based bathroom aide unveiled at CES in Las Vegas over the weekend. View this post on Instagram A...
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How To Get Your Smart Home Devices to Stop Listening to You 24/7

“Alexa, please stop listening to me all the time.” Smart home devices have become ubiquitous with many of us choosing convenience over privacy. One simple trick can keep Google Home, Amazon Echo and Facebook Portal devices from listening in on your conversations when you don't want them to. https...
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Motorola Razr Revived With Hefty $1,500 Price Tag

If you thought the flip phone days were over, think again. Motorala has just come out with a new version of the coveted Motorola Razr. According to CNN , the original Morotoral Razr was the best selling phone of all time when it came out in 2004. The crown was quickly snubbed by the iPhone upon its...
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John & Jeanne in the studio

Behind the scenes with John & Jeanne, first thing in the morning

Supported by Jeanne and I get up at zero-dark-thirty so we can be awake and on the air when you get up and ready for work. We sit in the studio, click through our news feeds on our computers, and chat about what's happening in the Northwest and the world, thinking about what might be...
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Young John and an old radio

Happy National Radio Day!

Supported by Radio fascinated me from the time I was a little kid. I noticed how on summer nights my dad leaned in to the hi-fi in the family room to hear every moment of a Tigers baseball game through the crackle of the static on WJR-AM in my hometown of Detroit. I first heard The...
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