Job application

Apply for a job at Taco Time and you might win a new car!

Apply for a job, win a car? Northwest-based Taco Time really wants you to consider joining their team. Taco Time is looking to hire 350 people, so they're hosting a one-day Job Fair this Thursday, May 17 at 56 participating Puget Sound area Taco Time restaurants, with open interviews for all...
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Woman at work using a laptop

Workplace tip: Don't do these 6 things on your work computer

Deep down inside, you know that your work computer, and everything on it, belong to your employer. So be smart about how you use it. I just found a good list from InStyle called " 6 Things You Should Never Do on Your Work Computer ." And if you think about it for a minute, the list shouldn't...
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Women working

THE WING, a club for women to work and network, is coming to Seattle

Where can creative, hard-working women with big ideas go for support, collaboration . . . and a killer mojito? It's called The Wing , and it's coming to Seattle. They call it "a home base for women on their way." It's already up and running successfully in New York, but Seattle's Wing is on the way...
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Clock springing ahead

Caution! Here's how daylight saving time can mess you up

It's great to suddenly have more light at the end of the day. But be careful out there! Science tells us we get a little reckless in the first few days after making the switch to Daylight Saving Time in the spring. As this story puts it, "when entire countries lose an hour of sleep simultaneously,...
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Germs on a desk

The top of your desk is 400 times more disgusting than your toilet seat

I'm not a germophobe, but stories like this totally skeeve me out. Somebody has taken the time to analyze how much bacteria is on common devices and surfaces we use and touch every day -- espcially in our workplaces. And guess what? The surface of your desk, your phone, your computer keyboard...
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Standing desk

That standing desk you've been using may not be so great after all

Sometime in the last few years, every office worker who used a desk decided they needed to stand. HR departments all over the place were asked by employees to switch out their old school sit-down desk with a modern adjustable standing desk. Maybe it was the cool little motor that powered it up and...
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