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Tuesday, May 29th


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Welcome to conversations. Tiny is heavily today on the show we're gonna learn all about Beck's place. We have Melanie Bryant she's the founder and board president I know you're in the community doing a lot of great work Melanie. But we thank you for taken timeout to talk to us today. Thank you I'm so excited to be here. Yeah I don't really hard very unique and innovative work with the assumption would be sort of a local content community and Obama's campaign has pat. And the idea is that many people can't or won't accept certain that they need to campus to. Stability. If it means giving rappers soccer I think there. Pat is. There certainly it wouldn't normal person. Court event and that so Creighton period. Stability which and hitting partners but look at social services which struggled to meet the needs to be scrambling at them and we are bitch organizational vote that put people and pat. And certain holistic way. And what areas in snohomish is it. All of snohomish county that your serving. So we heard a our program terrorists aren't supported cart is available to all local mechanic instead of whom carry you throughout the entire challenging our other our current terms aren't able to a small portion of academy for president between. Snohomish and index which is considered you snohomish county. How does a family now if they qualify for. Beck's place. So we have an application process and her application and how our income levels that our family household scientists. It is typically 300% to the federal poverty standard. Our typical army. Is a household of three person and cute hat with an average annual income of just artistic. Extreme power plant which is it very low income that actually below the Fed or federal property I am Purcell. And it is well below. What would be considered a living wage in our case which is 63000. Dollars to eat it you can see 161000 brown well below about the. Why it's so important to recognize. A pet as a part of your family Melanie. You're not a great crowds suddenly get a lot of luck from people playing OK units financially picture I'll slightly Q how about pat. And there are many reasons and a lot of it depends on the democratic. We served as well also for example seniors know anything you're attracted to a single biggest Carl we can't let people traveling into homelessness are seeing here at arms for many and particularly within. He's spent much of their lives kicking you know baby care or their children under the workforce. And it you know they're getting 880000. Dollars aren't. And that's what the purity each and when seen here. I have you know as they age is there mobility plummeting that they don't get out in the community is touched perhaps maybe their spouse should pass the way they teach they didn't have children or their children have moved elsewhere which aren't. So that pat really in our primary source as. The social patient comfort care at sandwich. And we have had multiple instances are being used you and how refused medical care. We had a carpet in the community resource paramedics with. Asking us for help because there we go unemployment it has all the time they kept coming out energy shots we could not get how pitchers. Barry L because she didn't come in particular captaincy. Very candidly. I would rather not be alive and come home and not have a shot. That's a good example. Domestic violent spectacle and I'm a consultant to solve. Our domestic violence that 10-Q how pats report they're either harms right. Threatened to kill their animal and somewhere between twenty I think 40%. Were delayed leaving the situation because they fear a the safety of the animal that there appears it will retaliate action and that and that's not right about it bad. That animal you know they are still isolated and and they and they are so desperate and that animal you know is something that it. He is so important for. To be able to be. Has some sort of stability and some sort of how big territory and protect themselves. They both are just segment EC. I'm 42 prescribing. The people come in her not to party program arched her housing our homelessness issues and I have to about when he Q Chris patent. It sucked and videos and we were put a lot and it's client shoot armed men who are on the streets aren't. That many agencies that write to how open they won't go because that that pat. And it went in the responsible for the caring or a candidate everywhere that they point papering double break isn't. It. It's the one relationship they have so it. Common themes are everywhere and it's really it's something. We're talking would Melanie Ryan today on conversations she is the founder and board president. Of Beck's place and if someone is just joining us today can you tell us again what is your mission statement. We allow our actual mission statement next to build the community for people on mark ups and we'd really aren't certain. Same old shouldn't. I'm impressed pressure having some sort of insecurity here instability each I'm and we certainly hope instantly recognizing that there are family court. Boat people when captain Kirk writes services for about. And I sort Beck's place. This is the main thing that you do that you have a lot of other services. As well Melanie William tell us about those please. Ascent to maintain that you mention that Bart Foster. According to our patent that's local care per pack temporarily. While the army accepts our intent that they need to get stable and we reunite ED short creek farms and those hats with their camera which means they're traveling helped gotten to a point stability where they're able to be packed together. We have what's called high school which and we really think the putts or hit an emergency order hearts how the the totality German program where there's. And yeah that's emerging right in front of the family that needs to be addressed about Shanley to boot sport more and perhaps share what he did. He actually had a won't change it Cara wood on our roster or in programs she hacked a lot of ardent housing securities unit the senior which she printed agreement Howell. Person who wanted to. Every box they no longer want to try to package it and I can't get strong critic of the sort that monthly rent but speed equal to page first thought the pocket and start over is very typical. So she finally gotten to the place where she was able to keep marriage and a couple of days people actually looked at him being in her car tires are flops. Art community. And co pilot forward. And they donated. And you know local business spirits by and taking huge cues that trailer to tell her car from the hats and members of our community paper retired been she didn't have to. To choose between transportation. Our housing. South Park Florida. Really about that we provided. 180. Opening night should look out for stabilization. I'm an emergency being part of our popular program and so. It really is about being a good neighbor and being that the courts of them are they morning's armed of course we have to take care of the packed up her own show will be and provide veterinary services. And we provide a wellness care what are you where you can clinics. And that is inspect vaccination week it. 721. Vaccines last year Kirk Taylor became one of the clinics and the really important because it's not just about keeping the pat howl at how. Keeping it's not just about keeping the pat healthy and well which is important but it also look at the op and a requirement. For housing program. Aren't silly really but the other way to count how keep families stable and care aren't we a ought to provide eighties Apple's circuit. Action here at once a year and he can. Opt very unique small credit torture closer as adults. And we have our students. Supply thanks for. For both Cubans and how and to help them with their basic. It's being. Armed and probably collect community action project which. Any action carjacker popped. That community. Very important to us and Aaron yeah. You'll hear us talk a lot about the battered together we can combine their times earnings power sources to be Dick Gephardt and the equal days where we stream. Aaron. He can I say can bring it certainly didn't send them below entity finding gay. And until it. Might come together a community. And to take Povich overall we'll have a good time and build relationships typical. The core we've reached building relationships and how what we believe in being battered kick out of equally if the foundation. Creating a community we all want to. Now you guys are going through an apprentice ship cut a reef formation enix the chain can you tell us about that. Yeah how we're really excited. I'm not 8000 what you are well known national organization. Operates apprenticeships and various. Animal related areas and we apply for Warren asked that very that. But technically related to sponsor programs and they're very interested in person at the curb buyout keeping families together Rich Harden and know people who pour into turn one of those apprenticeships so I am actually beating. Cuba attended that. And Charleston, South Carolina. I don't know we're excited because on our optical department spokesman that course signatures serpent but we how to approach and that you aren't. You were keen to pick. And that I have always how awaiting much gets in height advantage you know but it is than we talked about how it being tested. It would medical domestic violence. And all of those. Than what we were key component to helping families get to stability and so we're really excited about learning curve I'm. How about ways we can strengthen the boat the program. And that's really where the focus. And are aspects are important where we're lucky that community to help but support and grow to that because there were apparently it. So if someone is listening today to conversations. And wanna let them know that you are hearing the founder and board president Nolan Ryan of backs place. And what are their thinking gosh Melanie at a really like to help how do they donate where they can't. You can donate to our Arturo wreck site at backs played stop or in my BE. CK app slate dot or. You are always welcome to contact with iPhone part 25419899. Q and were also on tape look at backed play any of those states that each and I'm deeply. You know certainly appreciate your help. I'm sure there's people listening today that wanna donate so again that backs place dot dork. DEC KS place dot org and then you can also find them. Line and FaceBook and X place and then would you give the phone number one more time for us please Melanie. Yes our kids I don't. 419899. Q. We know you're a busy lady that sounds like you're always working for your community and doing wonderful things. To help bring people together and we thank you for taken time to tell us all about backs place today. Thank you so much for having us we really enjoyed talking with you it straight with actual community and we appreciate the. Apart. That's Melanie Ryan founder and board president of backs place you can reach them backs place time. I DN elite and this is conversation.