Conversations with Birthday Dreams 060318

Monday, June 4th


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Welcome to conversation. I vehemently and today we are really excited to have a special guest with us from birth Steve dreams. It's injury updates their program director not injury I know you guys are doing a lot of great work here. In Renton and around the Puget Sound we appreciate you taking time out of your busy dated chat with us. Yeah so tell about birth date dreams I honestly isn't the first time that I've heard of that what does birthday dreams Andrea. Birthday greens were a local nonprofits. And weeds service almost gambling from basically to comment that Everett. Would provide birthday party for homeless children. Your birthday party so important Adrian. To. That is his son Matt when a child method of birth Spain they might actually believe they haven't grown older. There are a mile down and a package had a bit of life that often for homeless children. Get men to there's so does the focusing on and where they're going to get their next meal or where they sleep for the night and do their home market that. It's just overlooked is not as important at every at everything now. And if the days that you were born is perceived to have them meaning that what does that take a child about their value as a person. So we're talking with Andrea abate today she is the program director for birthday dreams and Britney dreams is based data written that they do serve as the entire Puget Sound from Tacoma attack Everett. And it bringing joy hoping dignity to homeless children. With the gift of a birthday party and I I do agree with you birthdays are so important I mean we see it all over. Social media have people. They celebrate their birthdays all month long and so you know it seems extravagant in Indy here all you're trying to do is. Is give a birthday party to someone who desperately. Needs it probably more than most. Really a big social equalizer if you think about your favorite childhood memory as your. But paper prepared that you ever had. What comes to mind for you that the special gift that you diet is that may bureau called kick that somebody made for you. Going to point telling your friends really excited what you got for your birthday and and having your family and friends around it. Showing you love and support. Homeless children often don't have they might in the domestic violence shelter rather not able to have friends or can't even as it. Dean may be living out of their car and have nowhere even host a party. And so they are often feel invisible or forgotten. Scene. Have experienced huge loss they don't even have. A house but they can regularly call home. The really big thing to just. Give them a day with no stress and that they get to focus on the problems. And make it all about them I love this program birthday dreams are talking with their program director injury abate now. I know you guys have two different programs that you focus on let's talk about the first the birth date in a box what is that. Today at the box that we provide everything that. That the family needs Q all the parties it's tailored specifically for that child they talked mean they would like to have a typical wish list of guests that they would like and so we make sure that we take things from their wish last. And they get cake and Jews and they get to invite other fronts from their car term and at the box but given the parent so. Birthday during his early works in the background the child should never know about that and the parent gets to be the hero of the day for their traveled. That's really exciting and when you think about. The homeless. Situation that we have here specifically in Seattle but even and the greater Puget Sound area. You'd think of adults. You don't necessarily think. About the children so what a wonderful way for birthday dreams to truly reach out of hand and help make these kids feel special. Yes did you know that there are over 20000 homeless children in. The Puget Sound and that's just. School aged children and that's not counting kids that have dropped out or birds that are under five years old and not counted by the twelve extract. The senate varying. It it's a very wide problem that it's it's fairly invisible most of these children are first in the multiple times they catch serve. They might be sleeping on the floor or in their car. Or they might even be in a shelter of the lucky ones financial terms but most of them aren't visible on unseen because there are putting their cars with family members. So we're talking to birthday dreams their program director in rebates is with us and you've got two different programs the first we talked about is the birthday in a box. Where the parents are provided with everything to throw a birthday party for this child and they get to be the heroes so it's not. It's a stranger giving them these kids it's their parents being able to make that day special for their child. But you also have another program is on site group birthday party can you tell us about that. We are partnered with each child terms that allow us. Q how men and bring volunteers and we celebrate all of the children have a birthday that month that patch helps her. That could be one child it could be twenty. And so we bring specific gifts from the child's wish list for them. And with our volunteers that we do critic Kate. Crafts face painting. And cream week things happy birthday for the kids. And it's really a chance for the needy children that the that there community cares about them. As well as to show them that there appreciated and that they're buy has meaning and hope. And it's. The kids are so joyful and they and they have so much fun at the party at. I have never seen something on the evening in my life as one party where it went to. That. The volunteers work group. Brownie. And so if you're not familiar brownie you are generally kindergarten first change group. And these little children we're telling although the children you need to line out there and you need to take your turn and the older kids. Kept me yes I am thinking man they were so nice and so polite if my children have had thirty took their friends over it would not have been nearly the fact. Really does put things into perspective. How many kids still go on celebrated on their birthday Andrea. Well we end twenty summit team and managed to service 1200. And cute children and so out of the the 20000 in the Puget Sound that bill. A lot of kids that have. About 181000 are still struggling to reach. And we average about a hundred children per month. And last week was one of the busiest week I've ever seen actually celebrated fortieth birthday children just in one week. People are listening right now Andrea and their thinking gosh this birthday dreams. Is such a great way to reach out into the communities such a great way to make a difference. It just one person's life and they want to. Getting involved. Or they wanna become a volunteer or they wanna donate how did they get involved and do all that with Bertie dreams. The quickest way would be for them to go to birthday greens dot org we have all of our information. On the web sites they can contact us practically. We have all of our party calendar listed so they can see all of that upcoming party is and what we don't need that they can find mapped to. Bake a cake they can I. China to get get stressed that the picture now of the complainant to deliver party at there's such a wide variety and had different ways but it. Volunteers can work with us we don't have a big. Time commitments like from other organizations do. It's just sign up for what works for your schedule and your. Ability. I like this birthday dreams dot org and you have your party calendar on the air and you can see what they need is and you can see where you can is still land if you're great at baking cakes and you enjoy doing net. And you wanna help out that's a wonderful way to get involved. Tell you this I am so curious every time we we do this conversation show on Sunday mornings I would like to get the back story. On the people who are involved in these wonderful programs injury how did you. Become involved with Bertie dreams. It became. Working with birthday greens through another program. Can't career pathways so I had Bennett stay home mom for years and I am struggling to get back in the workforce. And the other program. Paid me to volunteer twenty her that week. And that it fattening up with Britney planes and once I was here. I made I couldn't leave mr. voluntary settlement between him he is just checked my heart and he didn't have kept it because I'm still here. Do you think it took your heart what is it about birthday dreams Andrea. In the joy on the kids' faces when you know over a party and they get excited even overseen program. It's such. At temple fame and then bring on settlements Chile and hope for the future that it it's incredible opening. So we're talking with Andrea base she's the program director for birthday dreams if you're listening anyone reach out you want to volunteer you wanna donate. You can contact them at birth date dreams die word. And also if you're just tuning in let's talk about birth date dreams. And give just exactly what is your mission statement and what is birthday dreams. Britney drained brings joy hope and dignity to homeless children with the gift of a birthday party. And you have a really cool program called a birthday in a box we Telus what is that. A birthday in a box is a box that specifically tailored for one child. The head told us what they would like for a scene that what they would like forget the pain of a kick that they would like. And everything and that pop is just for about one child and to make their dreams come true. I imagine being a stay at home mom this must be very rewarding for you. To see the joy on the east kids' faces and how much. I happiness is bringing. To their lives because he spent so much timing is at home mom and I are working with this program its its got to change your life in such a positive way right. Yet it's really. Taken me put it does personally that I never thought I would go and that I do it all for the kids it's so rewarding. Even though I don't see the majority of them I the ones that I do you see I can imagine how those other children are. There is a huge homeless problem in the Puget Sound we know now we see it on the news every day we see it on social media and I think. The concept of trying to just do one thing just try to help one person and if you're listening today. You want to volunteer maybe you'll enjoy making cakes or cookies and you have extra this would be a great way go to birth date dreams dot org and check out their party calendar there's someone. That could use your help there's someone that kid and help make their day a lot better just. By a you volunteering one day or one time or one cake and you can make the difference in one person's life. Injury Ed is there anything else that you want to share with us about birth date dreams. We just minutes till the new location. And we're having our ribbon cutting on Wednesday agents like. That you would like to join us all of our information about on our web site for the games dot org. All right birthday dreams do not work injury at Bates is their program director we thank you for taking time to talk to us today. Think keeping and I ideally and this is conversations.