Conversations with Cat Quirk YMCA 062418

Friday, June 29th


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My idea please welcome to conversations. Were excited about the show today because. We have the director of development for campaign an outdoor leadership from the YMCA of greater Seattle cat. That's cat high. You're not originally from the Seattle area where you from. Now I was actually born pretty is in Fullerton California. Which is then the north Orange County Erie act at all that out and what brought you to Seattle. I brought needed Seattle was just that big life change and and move with mine now fiance. With excited export Pacific northwest. And get a little bit of a change I spent and I didn't mean Diego apartment B apps here and have loved it ever that. So now you both of Seattle residents this is your home. And at the YMCA you guys how does some amazing programs can you tell us. More specifically about the camping program cap. That can't be an outdoor leadership at the part of the YMCA of greater Seattle. You probably know the why it may be used to work out there maybe you went to a day camp program and that we you were younger. But one thing that. You are ash about the Lionsgate greater Seattle that we are so much more than Jack I can't wrap pool all. And we provide aid. People how the country's homeland and we provide healthy meal particularly children and why is though it geared up my hard it that we actually. Reach out okay and teens that we get them leadership skills and be get an outdoors to our camp scene program. We have to you read the camp that not mean if you you go there and then any they're beautiful camps are caught in camp Coleman in camp or pilot. Located that can't calm and that is that located on the heat and and thought so little that packed it Parker. Located right on a wood you know in beautiful beautiful camps. We are not pampered pilot which is in the again Juan islands actually in that area away which makes it. Really beautiful right there out on the water begins at the work as fat and eat it right and I am stock vote beautiful camp. At their very let it happen Hawaiian day a greater Seattle family. We're talking with the director of development for camping and outdoor leadership of the greater Seattle YMCA cat quirk and it in particular you're really focused. On your camping program which sounds amazing and we want to know why should kids go to camp wasted an official for the youth camp. A lot of but people think have to have our hands and eat eat it act can beat you you've seen argued that because camp and when you were younger and some people just think that's fine you know campus signs Ugoh that you thought that we get signed. And but we know it back camp it's so much more than fine yep you have a plaque in your hair unique and meeting memories that you look back on your entire life. But really going to camp at regular cat skills that they don't get anywhere out. Then maybe you go in your bag in time and the greater outdoors. Not only are you acting the nature you're really building an understanding about our environment and let our natural resources are. Maybe you go in you're spending a week and a week from Y I a week away from your alpha and how often do that these days. Get to spend a whole eat yet it can act did an unplugged from the technology. It really kind of lends itself cute jumping right in in and making friends building relationship then really CNET that the independent that we from heir apparent for the first time. So let's say the kids go to one of your amazing camps. With a YMCA what are some of the activities and things that they're going to be able to do. They'll both of our camp has beautiful water frat. You know in the Puget Sound area that you can't get any battered and the court gets water frat there whether it you know actually go lean in and taking it debt. And and we mean or. Possibly I have seen and we also paddle board team. They Eileen there's also the plan that you can happen teens right out of water friends. We also have a variety you know a traditional camp activities. Archery at the court with a plastic activity. I can perhaps for you though you learn how to make we inherit that you learn how to meet and you know other products and appetite and that and that they're really popular. And activity. And then we have had it been not to step back up which I liked the car that we have been kind of challenge activities. At the impact Thailand we actually haven't the line it's a long did that line and I'll let that get on island koehlke. I'm not really an activity you know if you're going to camp. You're building up you are. Kelly you're learning how to righted the lines chiefly got to kind of if they highlight you get to go down it's not that the line with the air and you'd really feel that sense of accomplishment you know I just challenged myself hi there really scary be accurate and it's really scary. And but once they compete at the line you know and they realize it was on at a funny thing they that I camp there's really meant that accomplishments. We have mining power and giant remains that a lot of and those kind of elements that are designed huge challenge you challenge youth. And it supported environments where wit there have been me or with their counselor. They realize that they are able to overcome their fears. They have challenged by way that they learn what they free and and they don't ever put us and south Q bar. But it really can get a sense of accomplishment after they've you know they've they've climbed through that. I hybrid accord then David and walk and the giants winning and gotten into the act. I listen to all these wonderful activities in these amazing and camps that you have an it makes me wanna be a kid again they have this for adults. But you believe it you really family camps there and I'll post them fun activities other women well on the weekend or other kind and properties that. Just go enjoy it can't buy than a dog and not just pick it even know you know kids but it. Absolutely and he was not to love about. The long is zip line in the San Juan islands that sounds like a glass. Very cool I haven't been honey yet I am also afraid of heights so I think I need that. Go back to can't find a counselor and have them help me and the night air. It's the most amazing feeling so I can only imagine how those kids feel when they get to do that at your camp. Yeah hi I mean it that like kind of like I didn't seem really really scary you know whether it. Change the gene job or going to college. Getting married in the bike back and they're picking up by engine figuring out that you know. At a young age getting to type the lottery and realize that yeah I think it's really aren't that scary I can deleted by tire I can do it if I. Have been the environment though there really the lake on the left and and that are you are learning. So now that we know that we have to be at this camp this summer what is the reasons. Every child should go regardless. If they can afford to turn on. Absolutely. And I'd get experience you know we get the landscape believed that every child can benefit from you know whether it. Connecting with nature for the first time and you know. Beat in a multi cultural topping group where you're learning from you write different. Different you know I maybe didn't have the same upbringing made it out haven't seen do that you are we navigate our our experience is that whoa. Everything used for their entire life if they get to experience that. And we know that that it not just children whose families can't afford an experience like that that should be Mexico we believe that every single child. Who want an outdoor experience like that should be able the hotline. And not just because we we want ever used to benefit from these authentic experience it the week you that pioneer elite guy on greet the we look out to our community do you support youth through our campers that I'm just kind of like eight financially funded scholarship signs. Some people that like that can't their entire life. And and and it got into adult led want nothing more than to get back and make sure that every single youth is able ago even at. They're in me you know with stretch standing can't afford it even at it the single single parent family and they just can't make it work with their budget. We believe every child can benefit and the more our divert you better America and the more or that these are open and available and well it means every single member of our community recurrent but that can't be second dance we know about. I have children will benefit and the community will continue QB act for it. These camps sound like sell much fun and I love that you have these tier per ship finds a scholarship if you will so if the kids wanna go. Money is really not an object we wanna make sure that these kids can get to this camp so how can people. Get involved that they want to help the YMCA of greater Seattle pat how they do that. Yeah there are many ways that people can support our work here with the lions PA. Primarily if you weren't live I mean and you think you know my daughter with Lott didn't sound perfect for her might that. They aptly loved it and amp like that. Look at that Lionsgate camp ground and lion he never trial that we have web site. They book if they're really great way to get referred to it an anti they'd be interested and it had dean summer camps. And that maybe you're looking anything out you know I don't know we ever for a something like that. Leave contact and fill out a fine financially application we absolutely. Due to work with every single member of the community to make sure it's an program. And the other way that people can get involved and that requires making any kind of contribution to our membership act financially and and not as a really great way cute cute and opted to donate. So cat it's a mom wants to donate right now can you give us the way for them to do that I know you mentioned at YMCA can't Coleman and camp al-Qaeda lack. I'm not sure know how to spell those things. Yeah that no problem. Tricky at bat thing to do is go to www. Seattle why and EA dot Orix. Act act gave up. You'll find that information about art and there is at this theater meeting pictured as you know you'd with a big smile on their feet did you know just government and their diet. And they are so you know lead spare more information to help you Tony. Betancourt she is the director of development for camping and outdoor leadership of the YMCA of greater C adult. It's just a truly passionate about this cab what's your favorite thing about being a part of the wives and. Yeah how I live actually L why did I went everything alliance the program and I have a little. Actually use supports up slightly into the hand they with the first time I ever alert to play alongside me on its heat in the how to lose. Great believe because I was not very good about the guy look how every. And they're just being able to connect you know children and you know went about it but I look out at the campers I just feed. You know might help but they young person then and being able to connect that with. An experience that I know they'll remember for ever and that it though they learn. What he and and help them through their entire life at some of the camp very. The first time they ever week away from their parents is that they have the camp the first time they ever have to make the bed without them on giving it for that at fattening up. And then make a lot to college for the first time to have her roommate for the first time and. They know what to do whereas kids immediate never been a summer camp before our freshman year for them as hard they've never panic. Experience to help them grow like acts so I get so excited and passionate about making sure that through all of sometimes it struggles that you pat you know the news when you turn it on the mind can be really scary and typing Q go to school and in either got a everyday when the world can feel a little scary we know that I can't physically but they'll still based. And that has been afterward thing to me. One more time give us that website where people can donate your reach out. Why you can go to QWWW. Dot Seattle Y and Z eight or is. Backlash is so. Cat thank you so much for being on the show today I'm so inspired by the work that you do at the lions today. Yeah. This is conversations.