Conversations with Five Star Events 061018

Monday, June 18th


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Welcome to conversations my name is Deanna leaped. And today we are talking with Dan laying he is the code director. Of five star and then sent Dan I know you're super busy guy and we appreciate you taking time to talk to is today no problem to be here. Can we talk about five star events I know it's a local nonprofit and it's actually knew who. As of when he eighteenth so walk us through what he's fine start events. All right well this last year the are our nonprofit started. Carl about the need to establish. A current event that's been happening. Probably our main event we've been look at what this the twelve spent fast and notion shall worst. That's in August can't it was getting ready to. Kind of be be resolved from the past leadership. It being a part of that being a part of the team. Over the last couple years we just couldn't let that go I think they received such a great event that's been built up there that we didn't want he. Go go by the wayside so we stepped up and you know being that I'm I'm business owner and they're gonna work but there's also a local business or your Olympia. We both do this kind of work with promotions. And event planning and media stuff and video and I'll actually just this is a natural fit for us and we just got it comes to too big of an event for our business may lead to pick up actually. Decided to start five star as a way to involve the community. Help economically get some of the local charities no shortage grays harbor county are involved so this bladed it. So how do you help the local charities. Well there's a lot of low income things there there's you know obviously the good with the food shelter type things. There's also a lot of great Harvard Keane almost backpack of supplies. Things to. You can not area there's also the north beach school district in their. Just such a lower income area and so it is you can just do fundraisers sale what are you you know large fundraisers throughout the year that. We're helping them. He'll look at big event like this we bring an. Fan fare from all over the area and so this way there's they're able to make a little money help offset some their expenses dropped the little consequence. So why it started is a local nonprofit that helps other nonprofits. By hosting events for them and being able to bring more awareness and more activity to their events in order for them to be able to raise more money in my understanding that correctly. Are really good up okay great am one of those events that your holding is. The ocean shores stand fast I believe you call it the twelve fan fest can you tell us about that. Yeah twelve champ thinking beach party this secret for years it's been. In ocean shores. And you know we've got a really good team of people the last three years let's go to go to successful. And that out of it and the local community has really embraced and obviously. There are such at the end this year we'll look look seahawk fans. I'm everywhere and so. This is just a really large event that gets. Basically it take over the entire calendar. And we just put on special events throughout that we have a fight Iran that we have. A main stage with the beast bus and landmark DJ who does a lot of the children into the home games for the ox and you know golf tournament in special guests we have some VIP guest coming out a lot of the cheaper and yeah on PB. And you know there's just a lot of things the mini golf with players' parents and they're just all kind of things throughout the weekend to keep people busy and just create a fun atmosphere. Being so close to ocean shores living in Olympia I can see where you would want to help that community because I have had people on the conversation show. Who help those low income areas there's so many people in the ocean shores area and then up that coastline there. Where they truly do need extra help and I'm sure that an event. Like the ocean shores fan fest brings in so many people and so much revenue it's got to be helpful. For everyone involved. The I I mean definitely I know we're really trying to get the local businesses. To step up and you know many have there's there's two mentality is at this there's either the people really get involved. Well there are some that they liked small town feel that. And it's it's difficult for them have a whole big influx of people coming and they're countered that we can't. And so word we're seeing both sides of that but the majority of people are really get involved supporting it. They're put sponsorships and their businesses you know they're driving their cars and vehicles Ukraine and they're just really embracing it and I know we had we had some you know political things kind of happen that this time in the planning that. The great part is the city. Really came to the aid of this and stepped up and makes you funding happened so this city's actually take and so you know real vested interest. We damn lane he is the co director of five star advance and they help local nonprofits by helping them put on events brings more awareness bringing more money into. Their fundraising. And one of the ways they're doing that is through the ocean source fan fest this year so let's tell people about this event. And if they wanna go wind is it we're in they stay because I feel idol every single year I love dissidents. Well there are a lot of different places you can stay there there's log in there's everything from you or else camping ground cute. Probably air being the future that goes exist on that area yeah I think it's religion camp or you know I know what lodgings filling up so it beat the weekend is Friday. August 17 to Sunday August 9. And that there are some doubts on on that Thursday prior think on the on the sixteenth. But out you know it's just the name we can people come out Saturday pitched a lot of big tourist you know wolf will come out spend the day and we had a big. Event planned a PR and I'll casino that that evening. The Seahawks played each charters preceding games so. We'll put nominee. A viewing party with our special guest on how to conduct. Meet and greet get autographs and the casinos gonna have like about Beltre with appetizers and desserts salads and two you can. I'm watching infantry but you can pay for the food and there's lots of places to watch it in law also. I'll be doing it live and silent auction. You support and other noncore but in the area and all. Be happy just because that Cuba there's just some great ways that we were getting people you're watching game and Alphonso. Lots of unplanned. Can imagine those local nonprofits for us. Wa one shot that would do a bit of a lot of work or it is called sheep dog. Impact assistant they are national nonprofit. They're actually for an a couple of people out from their main my main office through this they're gonna take part in some of these that is. I believe what they do is stay assist first responders are out with everything from. I mean you have a flood or wildfire or there's logs across. You know streets and they're cutting down trees and Colin. Poland vehicles out of ditches and in just however they can exist that are available. So they had a Washington chapter that's not a Long Beach so we are directly. Helping to sponsor them so a weird how big chunk of the proceeds from the auction items we'll go to support them and that's really cool because they are you know let their Long Beach and they're really. Close local charity helping out. We damn lane he is the co director of five star advanced. And at one of the biggest events that they put on every year to help out local charities is the twelve as a fan fest beach party in ocean storage is something that. I like to attend every year it's a great way to get away for the weekend and we love going there is we spend a lot of money with a local merchants and things like that and how are you involving the local community. Well for instance Sunday we are. Putting on a big pancake breakfast at Comerica center that directly anything that you buy their proceeds to those tickets go to the north beach high school cheerleading team. But also helped provide up on all four GA TT that Hutus. Our political destructive decisions. And so there's just that you know what and that really neat part about this the chamber of commerce. Stepped up this year. And provided. Like a thousand dollars of funding that broke. Which you know in the chamber does support a lot of their ocean shores events but they rarely. Taken outside of that like hours. The end put put funding into it and so they've really stepped up this year and have that special it was a real supporters are trying to help local. Charities especially you know that the school district so got a huge help to them. And then also you mentioned this. And then to your having adequate art casino with a special gas and I'm a huge mass of seahawk fan which I'm sure. A lot of people that are listening to conversations today are twelve themselves. On who's a special guests can you tell us there's a surprise. Well I think we have some that we keep waging First Lady one nature of your speech high school leaders and right right there as you come into account. All the special glossy almost a work on our guest list but there are there are several local that come out every year and of course people like. Charlie won't change lives there and should short Sheila. He's back from the abject terror days like back when not on the started. They have we have brought children to Soria coming out from the 2006 global team. We have we have nor nor guard to come and Barack and Hillary Butler. You know some of those Buddha mainstays that just love to come out twelve out. We are working on some some new faces we got that mama Kelly Brit. Coming up this time to join us. Justin's mom and so. Yeah we're we're all economics and I expect that we'll see who get processes mom and dad are also coming out this year so we. Well look I'm I'm more people but it's gonna it's gonna have a a martyr list as the event. It's local. I think one of the most fun things that we do when we go to the twelve fan fest beach party there in ocean shores. Is the golf mini golf tournament that we do with all of the Seahawks players parents. Right exactly. Yeah and it will be interesting to see how that works because you know there's been the other been mamma lynch can. Earl thomas' mom and dad and where you're Sherman's on the debt obviously our our team has changed little bit this last year so we're really trying to get some new faces and ball. Get some new people out there and and it is kind of helps keep it fresh. And you know people want to meet new new parents and new players and all that stuff so we're really trying to do that. Yeah it's going to be a lot of on the ocean shores fan fest coming up. August 17 through than nineteenth. We're talking with a co director of five star events and Dan laying. Now if someone's hosting today they're thinking you know I'd love to halt Dan now with five start mentally to donate where can they go to have a website or phone number they can reach you. We do they can go right to our website at www. Fan fest ocean shores dot com. And there's that name contact on merit goes right to my eight Greg my email and I would love to speaker do you just helped with our parade or local Mansour. There's there's various things people can help with and there are also some some sponsorship. Promotional things on there as well also just kind of navigate to let say there's anything we can help put please potential is still pretty contractors. Fans fest ocean shores dot com that is the web site. Dan laying is the co director five star events and we appreciate taken time to talk to his today Dan. Even though I'm glad to hear about what everybody will collapse disorder. Ideally and you've been listening to conversations.