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Friday, June 29th


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Welcome to conversations I'm your host Gregor thanks for spending some time with us here this weekend joining me this segment is Lisa change is the president and CEO of Boys and Girls Club of Kahne Tony good morning. Good morning Gregor how are you. Doing great thank you Jonas is we look at the issues that affect us here at home and our community and across the nation. It's been a place kids and parents can turn to to provide community care activities and safe place to grow it's the boys and girls clubs can Tony and across the nation they're they're all over. Today Lisa will tell us about what they do and about the kids who rise to the top of the crop. With the king counting the youth of this year. Lisa how long has the boys and girls clubs but hoping youth in the greater Seattle area a what's the background. Well we've been here for 75 years. I know I'm a long time we've entered. There are thousands and thousands of young people we started as a beach boys' club along time ago in and I am again about every five years ago and in the ninety's we were the first of on the beach Boys and Girls Club in the country to change her name to boys and girls clubs because even though we didn't turning boy and girl for all those years it took a little while for people to actually acknowledge and change their names were very proud of being the club that paved the way for that. I can remember being a child and playing boys' club basketball as a thing and could I hear it was good to agent nomenclature that's very cool. Oh what's your what's your connection to what I did you get involved with Portugal's. Well I'm involved with young people for very long time I've been involved at LD college event called two other nonprofits and and doing youth development has been a passion of mine and I went to them undergraduate school and then graduate school and Boys and Girls Club we serve over 26000. Young people a year and we are actually devoted to all kids from the ages of three to 22 and doing everything that we focus on areas and and I was attracted to that because there really. Want to be able to. Do what I can for all kids regardless of their zip code or how they grew up four or their circumstances of the thing that Boys and Girls Club does really well is what it is a safe place a positive place for any kids in our county to go before and after school and and I just couldn't read them the opportunity. To be a happy and productive part of young people's lives. It's 26000 kids in king Kelly. Yes sir Paul Mike could miss that is fantastic. Suffolk. Well there's hundreds of thousands of kids who are eligible first services and that that's one of the things I think about a lot is how do we expand that we can provide the programming that we provide for all kids and make it today indie kids in any neighborhood I can walk Gannon and play basketball or get homework helper or trying to immediate peers and loving adults but that's one of the things we think about a lot. Imagine if you their but I guess suds pit bigger picture what's the mission acquittal of the services and what's the mission of Boys and Girls Club. Now our mission is to inspire and enable all young people especially those who need it most that you realize their full potential. And how we do that we have three focus areas we focus on at. Academic success. Good character and citizenship. And healthy lifestyles. So all of our core program and we end at any given club we have roughly 65 free program that you get for the price of your yearly membership we focus on on serving all kids so for example academic successes. Homework help and we called power hours today June indicated out of school and commodore club houses we help them at their home market and then we also are very focused on reducing high school dropout rates which we empower our kids we meet them where they are and that also is part of that building good character and citizenship we have leadership program starting in middle school that really teach kids that they have void that they are valuable just for who they are and that they can do anything and that helped the part of a healthy lifestyle that we teach also isn't there we we teach them drug awareness week teaching them how to. How to stand up for themselves do we have two programs when it's into the but that at one and called wise guys and another one is called Smart girl and we focus on kids who were entering between years and talk about peer pressure and about positive body image and and all of these programs on any given day are operating at Oliver 29 locations because we know that if these three pillars they're gonna help our next generation really achieve all that they can. It's interesting you say the power hour that hour after school we try to get the most done there. How do partner with like local public schools to make this transition a little easier from school to club life afterwards. That is a fantastic questions though in some of our schools we do things not just in during the school year but. Over the summertime so during the school year we count how often it add to our country how are about going and attending or meeting if if that if we know that Putin is on an IE teach an education plan our education directors and some of our team directors will go with the student and go with their parents to those meetings and and understand what the teachers are asking kids to do so that we can really be a partner with that school that the that's one example during the summertime which we will also partner very closely with certain schools for example quite an element treat this past summer we work with the principle there to put the school day so that. That kids who were going to summer school had our Catholic and girls clubs with them in the morning and then they knew we would walk to molecular compound and they would have boys and girls and in the afternoon and plumber helps but no we've done quite a few things we have and I'm a program called brain and game and also that is all about stopping this summer learning loss and we worked. Which had a working closely as possible with the principal of the school so that we know what the school needs from under the that we can be effective in helping our kids succeed. Our guest today is Lisa Chan she is the president and CEO of Boys and Girls Club looking Tony. We've witnessed a growing homelessness problem with them rapidly increasing it feels like in a very short time. To what extent have you seen the demand for services grow the federal. That is an excellent question we we've seen a growing number of plays you know. One of the things that we do it we'd that we know each of my club directors and knows who knows they're kids well and they also know which of those kids are homeless or are hot trees or moving in and out of on the unstable home situations. Still looking at things like. Will expand their club hours it will provide meals to those kids who need it the most will do everything we can't. Hand it to make sure that that kid is as safe as possible and had to plead to speak we also partnering where homeless shelters like Mary's place for example to see what we can do by understanding our staff there during the day or opening up our memberships so that the kids how to someplace to go other than just sitting with their parents or or you know being out on the streets but so what we're trying to be creative and possible. In terms of addressing that in we on the house on fire leadership program for Kean has called the keystone. Clubs and our key donors. Took on a few project to a cult public kids not just to find resource that's for them but to actively do what they could to think through how do we stop the cycle homelessness for teens and for families out there were doing as best we can stand to partner with those other agencies to whose. Mission is homelessness and also working with her school districts so that when they know kids who need extra help we can we can twosome of the concept that how that. Meal services and an extra help that we can actually reached out and make sure that those kids know that there's extra stuff available for them. And he mentioned a membership previously but hissing sound what they're probably pretty resource heavy were money come from for Portugal slopes. Well the membership fee is sixty dollars per kid per year and you can imagine that. And it it caught a little bit more than that to provide us with this chasm so it comes from a number of different ways because we've just such a wide range of kids we will provide. Before school care and afterschool care we also provide daycare for the little little people and we partner with the state and we partner with some public entities in order to get funding for that today even are lower income folks can. Have their kids be at the con. Clubs though comes from that it often comes from the program piece so for example during the summer when we offer aid soccer clinics soccer camp for a week that has some of the counters and and on the other professional athletes and Mitch we will charge fees where appropriate and if a parent can't afford it we will find every possible source to scholarship to that we can pay for that and then there's corporate sponsorships Navarro then there is a significant amount of philanthropy because you know that this town is so generous you know in a number of different way that its program it's public support and its philanthropy that helps serve all these kids. That's fantastic. Tell me this I love the URL for the organization it's positive place dot org Y that instead of the more traditional Boys and Girls Club dot org slash Washington or whatever that would be. That is the great question a few years ago we were DG the case he you know that the traditional Boys and Girls Club and then the letters that that designates. We came from and we had the the national organization. Boys and girls occurred and America had to aid context where they wanted to do. Eight all of us in the field what's your suggestion for what a great name for the organization would be and I know we admit it went over board members submitted the name positive place because that's really what we're about is helping kids develop all the positives skills that they need to become an incredible positions until we won. We we won the national contest and then we changed our URL to positive place dot org. Other it's fantastic what a neat thing here talking about the positive place where kids are getting help comes to kids then end up coming back to help out on their on the court these volunteers and the people that. Work with you we're from. We have at every single club we have former club kids and many of them former used for the quarter use of the year working for us because they've agent that experience has been so positive for them they have met and made friends they've built a family and many of our employees have been here for very long time it it's just it's their chosen profession. Last year youth of the year for example for canning town week with a young woman who. Has experience homelessness. That got a full scholarship to the college of her choice and has a beautiful singing voice and is now she wants to come back and or threatened but I I had that are Kathy knows you finish college and graduate school and then if you want to come back and volunteer would be happy to see you. At some of wanna take part in the Boys and Girls Club of King County or any you know slump what's the first step that they need to take. Well if it's an adulteress in somebody who want to volunteer just reach out your local club or if you're walking by one just walk right in and tell them you'd like to be part of it or you can email us on a positive place and just let this note that you'd like to be part of it because we are powered by thousands of volunteers we have parents to our coaches we have individuals who aren't parents but who care about kids who tutored for us during power hour we have organizations that come and say I want to give you the battle of what I know we have corporations like peace he used for example who comes in and teaches one day on a year a financial curriculum to teens so. We are an organization is powered by volunteers and no matter what your talent is I'm sure we can find a way to have you involved with our young people. Positive place dot org at least attend from a Boys and Girls Club of King County think so much for joining us greater. Cut inspiring stuff. Thank you for listening conversations as a public affairs program of distinction however saw the incredible rescue weekends you can Sunday.