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Monday, June 4th


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Welcome to conversations I mean cause greater thanks for the time with us here this weekend. And joining me this segment earlier in the week we sat down with a couple of guys from a band that has defined. A portion of Seattle. The cult Pearl Jam up regardless of what to musical background is. It's a name that has resonated. And created a bit of an image for the city will they've never given up on Seattle than ever gone somewhere where it's sunnier more often or some over the to have more opportunities they've continued to live here. Amongst us and they continue to care about the city and the region. To be played a couple shows here in Seattle at Safeco Field for the Seattle Mariners usually play the home shows where they every. Content that they perform they'll always raise money for good cause this type specifically though. They're trying to help tackle the homelessness crisis that is the stricken the entire West Coast we see it's so much all the wood from Puyallup Everett and beyond. Refreshing to see a group like this of artists know that they're. More than just that in the can use their name in the statute to give back the lovely wonderful people today you'll have a chance to hear the sit down and I had two weeks stone duster and Mike McCready approach. They've reached a point higher than the snow covered some go to Mount Rainier and become larger than any rooted Q arena can ever hope to hold long careers capturing their legacy. Upon the rock and roll hall famous recently while still driving their kids around the streets of Seattle past the venues they still play and the grocery stores were read. By our broccoli or whenever connected to Seattle like your phone to a Bluetooth speaker of their Mike and stone from Pearl Jam and good morning and Gregor pitcher Kevin back do we all love avenue and hair does a nice intro thank you so much access and I think him and Paris I do a little bit and trying to look out really turn up the adjectives there are plus and those are wise yeah. You know growing period he was smiling and now Narnia is takes a lot I'll stop Clinton continued. My first look regrets on the big music cares concert for recovery of thank you put Superfund Duff from Guns 'N Roses Barrett Jackson's been trees. And Mike nest down question for my own satisfaction you know enough attention social distortion and he. This is terrifying as he looks. Mike NASA is on. A sweetheart is really easing should dude he's very focused but he can be intense in a he's a boxer Sonny he's seen there's a whole off. There you know I. Allen wan across them. I'm good friends is an and that's really neat for me and he's sister did did and he agreed to come on up and be part of the music cares thing and he as funny as a finalist first. Ounces season a hero of mine and down. The yes I didn't you know he's he's he's a boxer is. This is at stake corner yeah I got a chance to see him when there appeared in just a couple weeks now playing couple shows asylum hearing. I it's a look at it you're a schedule huge European tour for the next couple months then it's baseball stadium summer for Pearl Jam it looks like a couple of (%expletive) yeah. At this point how much do you dudes actually have to rehearse like how much you have to get together and make sure you got everything. We we do about four rehearsals before. Bombs South America are like that maybe three a three or four so we hadn't played for about almost two years so well we got some looks a little thin forget I'm. We got to take a couple more holes did you practice at home go through this on got to go to your hotel are women and I would shed you gotta Disco care what is that on as a partner Pincus. It's got it takes the second kind of remembered all via so will miss a few. Courts survive this kind of our thing couple days to get that sorted out but sometimes that sounds kid yeah it's a residence and that's what number of things now that. We're one of the few bands that really screws up likeable lot than people like they still want their. Do it for it and just run right. Some due to three that it no. That's the classic you and you always want to rehearse more than I I like to have more is because I like to be with a fellow and I overstay and learn more and try different songs written try and and what looks mean it's just we need to show. It's it isn't like a certain number sizable hit the road whether do you attract dust off some differ once again like Friday that it is you know in terms of our catalog and we have like 260. Songs or something crazy like that including covers and so there's you people from all of that and you know depends on. Its sixty or seventy that are kind of the main. And then there's you know that there's odd ball to get thrown and you have that data figure out some oddball unemployed but that's that's fine but if you have the sixty or seventy the kind of need. Pretty good that's that's what it's sixty or seventy songs with the haunt me now from long chill up my and we give the fans and. There and change it up every time so you kind of get used his nadir open it was something in one town and what would have a lot of times as if we've played and save ponder something it Ed will go through all the lists of every show we've ever played in Hong go we opened up. With the release in 1990s we can't do it it. No hill he's very specific about kinda nets he's very meticulous and aunt and cares that's also it's a little who will be till now the polls. The home shows are approaching the summer Safeco Field while many people may be dismissive of the problem. We're viewed as something uglier nuisance. Your gain is locking in on the Seattle area homelessness Acosta focused these shows around had to come about. I think it came about because all of us live in Seattle and work confronted with seen people living on the streets more than ever seeing people living under you know freeways. People panhandling I mean. It's such it's such an obvious. Huge issue going on right now. And there is and there's a lot of energy and attention being focused to it and and we felt like. These shows kind of created an opportunity for us to. Put a spotlight on the issue and just try to even. Accelerate and hopefully consolidate even more of broader. Support for making some change in and helping the situation be better and is so. That's kind of you know we we we are we're just Barack ran and we don't know the answers to how to make this situation better but we're here. Pretty good listeners and we can get some attention and and and get some people. It's all working on together and I think that would be of great. On be it be good things for us to do. Well to follow ups do they do G as do the same type of thing at other at the other ball park shows you're doing a Chicago or at Fenway is Ehrlich a policy you're going for their as well. I mean were always raising money after every show raise money for our foundation so there's there's local charities we usually give to an all those and all those places. But this is a particular thing where we were putting up our whole. Office everybody involved in the organization is putting in all a lot of hours trying to create something that really has an impact in Seattle so long. I mean there's going to be more about that coming up in terms of the announcement as far as what we've done so far what we hope to accomplish my can stone from the Poulter and joining us this morning there are a ton a great charities already fighting in the battle a lot that you support my country house are used Karen couple specifically that we get involved with two. Well were we out of the city when a rock band has to facilitate helping our least fortunate citizens. Well I mean that's a good questioning nine and I think it you know stone and I and the rest of men and in our office and who we're looking into all those kind of solutions and and and and opportunities in terms of meeting with the City Council meeting with local businesses and trying to see what their what they wanna do and be proactive in this and see with their solutions are to these things and to work with you know. Treehouse or are on these care path of art or downtown armored emergency services and we get to see how all these things are are are on these organizations are helping. And that's it's been a learning service slow loading for me you know in terms of why we we can be part of a solution and. How to we collectively do that and that's. That's kind of why I think we we care as as. People that live here in south China its grip when you make you drive by news I mean we all see it there and whether we choose to do something about it or complain about it is like a choice we can make it and very simple level because it is. Now the almost as promised spreading everywhere. Not just in Seattle not just underneath the freeways believe Saddam sidewalks of communities north and south through. A huge problem that no one has really come up with a solution and it's nuanced and difficult. And I don't think it matters that it's a rock Graham I think any. Organization. Any group of citizens any anybody that Vietnam collectively does stuff can have an impact on this so. I don't think it's ridiculous that we're involved and I think it says something about I think the ban and kind of what what who we are. But I think you know any organization can get involved in this and that's what were hoping to reach out to his. As many like minded people as possible just so that when there is. When they're does not become a real plan that looks great that we can full full heartedly support that and help raise. Bunch of money for them when you guys decided to start a charity of your own vitality foundation. I'm sure you had a vision in it and now we're stuck that over the years working together your team our team and the people listening right this moment. That we've raised more than 300000. Dollars to help out in the community to the comes back to Seattle which is really cool how does that compare to what your first set out to do with your vision. Well I think that you know that I told the foundation kind of went through many tough phases and had to figure out the most. What works at best an article awhile to get there and we're happy that in a common in an and the race Asus have been part of that you know on these recent kind of things we've been doing so it's. It's it's it's an ongoing thing didn't learn how efficient you can be in terms of raising money for organizations that you like through the vitally come. I had and I think it's it's it's it's keeps growing and I think more and more we realize that this the foundation and sort of our charitable giving is gonna become a bigger part of this organization as we get older because. It's it's where our hearts are and it and we know that when we incorporate. Giving in in parts of all of our business it just makes our business better and it and makes the it gives everybody a focus that's not just on them on the music and it it actually is it's beneficial. To the band and more dollars to full lifestyle element that you put into it which is super super cool now people condemn you for listening right now to us and like I wanna be involved in this program of counseling so rather a couple of ways that you can do you mr. took my college foundation and nobody to buy something from Pearl Jam that's not an awesome stuff for shows he can go to NC or for every ticket you buy for anyone of our shows this year we get two blocks from of one of the most support youth care. And treehouse to Austin organizations here in Seattle be conceived the work that they do on the streets here in Seattle specifically. Gentlemen thank you for taking time getting up right utterly and coming in and they have kids so far better way I guess that's the tonight. Stoned out there and Mike McCready of Pearl Jam to open wonderful individuals. Really the easiest way to find out more about that the charities we mentioned all the other ones to support each member of the band cannot picks were very into and helps divert some money towards those causes specifically very local things you can find out more likely to Pearl Jam dot com. Com include the psychology foundation. It's been more than a dozen years that they've been doing this we've been partnering with them now for the last several it's a public nonprofit organization founded in 2006. Foundation supports the efforts of other and non profit organizations. To a commendable work in the fields community health the environment arts education and social change again find out more by going to Pearl Jam dot com under the Scientology's foundation for all the difference. Community organizations that they have partnered with again my full most utmost respect for the judgment of Pearl Jam. For making the time to come in here where their team today and help us to get the word out about in the bigger than. Conversations and public affairs program of this station.