Conversations with Racers Against Child Abuse 062418

Friday, June 29th


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Well two conversations. I need to Italy and today we go to macro Washington and we're talking with the director and founder. Of racers against child abuse we want to welcome to the show Amy Barbara hi Amy thinks rubio with this today. You're what happened. Now the first time that I've heard about racers against child abuse a walk us through this what is this organization. Lower it or say in that started late that Saturday 9013. When he my husband and I Hewlett. From having our child hurt by his nanny. And we do need an outlet lead we needed somebody to document express our frustration and to learn because we didn't know he that we ran parent. We didn't know what tout it early. I haven't even quirky yet on TV. And you hear about it but I don't think and how it really happy. That it did anything early in ten and we didn't know where are nowhere to turn. We don't have they occur and with being. 24 hours we had over a thousand member. And we grew and grew and grew and we had a buddy make it a low let me may hurt. And so we started mailing out sticker you are friends and partner car that their race car hauler. And we didn't really know what our goal or rational at that point. And I would speed it time went by of course where. Both transparent and full time workers and other been below grade in it where we're at it and rape in a lull. Mean they get a look at and we got our Washington 501 C three nonprofit corporations. And then help donors than and people that work giving her. Fun and we are able to herera. Certification while. That we can expect our tax deductible donation. And we didn't keep growing little by little and so here we are and I think her daughter did here are still look very very art that they and it has been and I. With the help of my parent that helped keep the books then and you another thing. We don't send uttered thicker it purity rate card writer boat leaking drivers I Kris Draper any. Anybody given a ban everything that whatever the current factory just by going. To our web site returned that mentality dot com and requesting them. Just. Imagine how you got into this and it was a very organic thing because. You you were dealing with a child who was hurt Bryan nanny and you need in an outlet you didn't have anybody to talk to so you turned to FaceBook. To create a support group which turned into this. Beautiful nonprofit in and out of someone's listening today and they air in that same boat Amy maybe they have a child that is. Dealing with child abuse in some way. What is racers against how these what is your mission statement and how can you help them. Why mission statement really is you raise the awareness and provide education. And prevention at Albert. And what we elected you are they expect site patents as the fifth pick and how a child appeared. That we didn't realize they. That EDT. An estimate that up to five with seven children a day I could promote you and that black and luckily our outlook provided where abuse by hand. Perpetrators did go to prison are only when he for a month even as you can pick it a felony car each child to be. So when you go to our web site you'll find links there you've had a report pilot you could link as to how you. Recognize what child abuse is the different types of child abuse. And then get information about actor while. I'd out of Atlanta that then linked that and we'll get more information our web site fairly is that the repeated more importantly the things that we're going. And we get linked to the EEE link get linked to our grandchild Butte America aren't as a lark at. I'm touting it foundation in the country. But we go to all these different places than we found other organization. Like biker chick and how the great organization that we worked with in the cockpit while. Only eat go to our web site and the information it just might eat their ordeal and then I'll contact at an eight he'll what you and that direction. Other group or another organization can help the them. And this interesting. Story that you have an interesting way the you you got into this it was buried. Almost grass roots if you were and my question for you is when people go to the FaceBook page and there's a support group on their. At things they get a fine you know what how. Are they gonna find relief in some way it would it would eagerness Saito was someone who may be is dealing with this for the first time and they they approach you. Now my god and in through our hour here that. Great thing here we we heard a lot of stories and it's very happy here but I think one of the acting we can't do it to the stage. If people we billionaire we understand. Here's the information that we found that might be helpful if you look. You're the place where you can go that we cock if you are good Vick victim without it would eat until we didn't even know what to combat it. Actually can't see even in this day and help somebody pointed out that. That we can go get help with. Parker you know I think the other thing ill I. When you go to work they pay you how to beat that such a horrible horrible topic and and I actually had to shut down a lot of my they've put because of the stories that come across now that everybody knows I'm. In the child abuse and the people but in the wake of media work I get to see all the most horrible stories that come across every death get hurt you to crack across the country. And we try to keep our meet up page as positive as we can about the stock. Story out of that you and people that. Successfully prevent it and use. How to ramp. I abuse and an we tried it really highlight the awareness and recognition and pray that nothing and we. You try to stay away from keeping that. So horrible story soccer agent and I get that act as needed necessity that people need to understand how bad it is. But it also I'm reaching against how would you need to be that they played where. I know it a parent and their and the child that arrived to eat I can handle. All of that into any longer it is not something you can really feel it but I've chosen to go to the positive. I don't think that how do we prevent that what support can immediately apparent in everything that out there. That to make sure they understand where you can come from and that's it happens in every economic strata in every race and every religion. And it's really not talked about people and it because actually 80% of all of you happen by at least one of the parent. No you know I can patent protect Wyatt why attack husband he thought that. With arcade has been the person who are herder and it actually they'll bury her. And they're just all that protection nobody wants to talk about it because happening in their home but unfortunately. Even know very. You know at three point six million reports how protection eight in the current year. Involving six point six million children. It just doesn't. It talked about and there are so many more cases that don't get report at the we wanna make sure that everybody and I think Karl in Washington. 18 thick thick and hard to report child abuse that they sit back there it obviously you see how that he would. And I called 911. I think a lot of people don't. Want to report child abuse that think that all of that my friend I don't want to turn Atlanta let the but they hear about the same time what if I leave a child in that the most important thing. What are the questions I have for you is. Don't racing aspects come in Rio. Certain well my hope. Started racing evergreen beat rate in many activities and an early ideas pending are really our time but we both are up at every track I had a brother great heart and we get my breathing alt on the right thing accurately reflect on our TV that he didn't hide it and heard everything that we did I hear that. That mark unity which turns out at Berkeley are the of people that we can all relate to you. That eighty want to hear about it. And we've heard it every down they yet. And then everything community and we are just. This weekend coming up on June 30 the 29 and thirty minutes it'd be ever dream the great summer showdown is on the market late differently I'd already been. On the West Coast and Molly held music on the superstars and that division is actually doing a under it there or act where you can go and pledged. An amount per lap that he under a sponsor one of her laps. And then and saving because being the smaller that they and we don't get a hundred donate per hurt if that was great because her caller on eight but as well ever. 121000 people so with great heat and operate without a North Carolina that we're getting banned are there can be on the East Coast. Are recognizing it now. Which is great absolutely we thank our ticker. All across the country even to the UK and Australia and Mexico looks. You're giving that Arctic urgent rather than anything giving the come to our web site at the bottom workout is what we can do to get the word out there about how to eat at prevention. If so what is just joining conversations right now we're talking with Amy Barbara the director and founder of racers against child abuse. Tell us again about those stickers and what they mean. They're a little late three by five by I'll sit here he went on your car each and every car to lock. I think that you represent the eight day you're out there and you're willing to you represent something bigger than they. Oil company ticker at undercover. Or whatever but it is a little bit the other. Here I'm providing awareness I understand that I've talked to them it completely travel around watching in Canada that are what are you are. We hand out to current and all the tracks that we can experience what are you a little bit of the named are about 200 waiting to get kicker in all. Year. And it Courtney bail out well but I think you'd that a little bit you know that they I'm here on the court. Child abuse prevention and awareness that. Indeed it's idiot though. Hand or any of the people who might even get sicker and think man. I need to know more about or I need you know what they're out may be don't get our web site of the information parents. And learn something that might help her plant the child from being hurt employment future. Any barber is the director and founder of racers against child abuse and its glistening today conversations and they want to get involved they wanna make a donation they went a look at more about EU went. That maybe they're dealing with child abuse we hope not but if they are they're going through this themselves like you did with your son. How did they reach out he would they do. Certainly they can find that I'm I'm on the web at that you get it at that Richards and how the airs at eight hour request thinkers have the right on our. Page where they can group put in their name and address and we'll mail stickers right out now and information about how to eat protection. They can also go to our beat by a group. And they're eight page. And in light can follow let there and we're gonna eat healthy you know where we're and it being queried is gonna be acts. Really had a highlight. Other drivers that are leaking Arctic there isn't an information about that up there and show their cars because they don't wanna eat undercard. In. We kind of put that much fun in yeah bit. Combining your topic is usually not so I'm the last two anytime you can find it I think book outrage. And how you walk with a as you age and are buying at our web site and request sticker or just for more from me luck help that hockey. Still beyond FaceBook you can Bynum racers against child abuse watt WA for Washington. Amy borrowers the director and founder you can also on the if you suspect something with child abuse going on at 1866. And harm or if you see child abuse please dial 911. Amy we know you are a very busy lady and we really appreciate you taking time to talk to us today. You're welcome take you so much for having us. I Deanna Lee and this is conversations.