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Tuesday, May 29th


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Love got to conversation I mean it's instantly. And we're so glad to have on the show today a board member of side by side South Africa. Britain to Walt thanks for taking time and your busy did talk to us. I think you'd yet I appreciate it. Let's talk about side by side South Africa can you explain to the people who are listening today who may not know about this organization. Why you Omar who you Lar. Absolutely side by side is that nonprofit faith based service organization. That is dedicated to helping the poorest of the war in South Africa. And we especially focused on the children. Our primary focus is giving vulnerable children from South Africa's most. Disadvantaged communities. A chance to experience. Genuine transformation. And you know hope. Maybe for the first time. We have a mission to come alongside south African community champions and we consider champion somebody who wants to help make their community about a place. And we come along those champions in partnership. To provide critical services such as food early childhood education. And humanitarian aid for the people that they terror. Our most recent project is one that we title game changer for girls. Okay we're talking with Brenda Walsh is a board member of signed by side. South Africa at the game changer for girls. Is something that sounds so important and probably something that people don't really think about until it's brought to their teaching can you tell us more about it. Absolutely in a lot of the communities around the world something that we don't think about here in America. A lot of the young girl miss out on schooling opportunities. Work opportunities. All sorts of opportunities because of their monthly menstrual cycle. These girls don't. Any of the materials necessary to care for themselves. And they're not allowed at school are not allowed at their job and so they'd sit at home during the sixty days a year that a woman meant straight and they know without that you can imagine missing sixty days in a calendar year. Middle school or high school years how damaging that could be for a young woman. So we've come a long and we have a program called game changer for girls. We are teaching women in South Africa how cute so. These beautiful. Menstruation yes and then we're distributing them in the school but in the community. But not just distributing the kids were also. Educating the girl about their bodies because a lot of these women young women how very negative thoughts about and trading. They don't realize why they're. Having their monthly cycle they don't realize the beauty other. They don't realize that it's part of becoming the woman and it's part of bringing. You know another human being into the this world and so we're able to educate the women about their bodies and about how important this cycle lists. We're talking with Brenda Walsh she is a board member for side by side South Africa. How do you get. These. Materials. To South Africa and then once you get them there who was doing at the distribution. All of a wonderful question so we've partnered with an organization called gays for girls international. And dated for girls international just celebrated their tenth anniversary. And a withdrew their partnership lead developed eight micro enterprise. Where we're teaching about ten women how to. Produce these these tips that we're distributing. So with days for girls international help we've been able to bring him some of the heat. Material that we need to but the fabric we've also got an in country. Staff member who has been sourcing a lot of the material we need the filling machine. Other different facilities are different fabrics are about that we need so we we've got those champions in countries that we've been working with our over the past twelve years. This is such amazing work you're doing and I'm sure that you have a lot of goals. For 2018 can you share some of those what does. Absolutely a 1217 what are highly year list this program game changer for girl. Our goal was to distribute 600. Feminine hygiene kits to the poorest of the poor in South Africa. And not only attribute those yet but we also have a educational piece. Where are scared they go to a class with anywhere from an hour and a half to three hours long depending on the participation and the sides of the group. And so on our pilot year our cola 600 we actually distributed 1677. Chips. So I'm very excited to have to pass start. All most of those kids from 2017. Were produced in America. We have been donated we purchased them and we brought them to South Africa. But what's different 2018. We're actually making them in the country we have women who are south Africans who are learning how to slow. And how to produce these kids. Our goal for this. Upcoming year 2019 and 3500. And those tips will be made in South Africa so those women are earning an Intel and that also then having that gets distributed within their local areas. Along with the educational piece that is such an important part of their. Side by side South Africa is there organization were talking about today and what we'd like to know if someone's listening today I think reach out hubris how to get in touch how can they help. Well we've got a couple of ways we have a web site at our web site is. Side by side South Africa dot org. You can also reach out to myself personally. 360. 7101069. At my personal cell phone number I'd be happy to connect you with the members of our board and in a way Cuba. Help in any way that you might be able to Deanna I have to tell you we get a fund raiser in February. The public not to attempt Rotary Club partnered with us and they wanted to help so we get a fund raiser at a place called my girl in Kingston. Our goal was to bring individuals then to this fifteen diner an incredible place and just ask for donations. And we set a goal of 5000 dollars to be raised at this fund raiser. And a additionally we had somebody who volunteered to match every single donation and in. We've had. Artists morrow who is an icon in our community she's 93 years young she went out security sponsorship. Put the entire thing all of those those expenses were paid for before we even started and we ended up raising almost 54000. Dollars in this 1 evening that was about two hours long. Well we just asked people to raise their palatable to donations help. They're the response and the community has been overwhelming it is it very humbling to work with a project like us. You sound like you have a true personal connection to this project. Did you get involved in side by side. Well I've part of our opponent to top Rotary Club and one of our members is a gentleman named went over Dinah Gwendolyn have liked Kelly Allen. The organization about twelve years ago and Wendell came to our international services committee asked if we would be interested in partnering. With famine in several different ways we did we helped build a playground for some of the children we also helped papers some. Training so that teachers could go and be educated early childhood. Program to that they would be better instructors and then about three years ago those amazing renteria and artists morrow who just had her 93 birthday. Came to life and she asked us what we were doing for young girls who were demonstrating around the world. You can imagine the look of the committee when we were asked that we had no idea that demonstration around the world but even a problem or an issue. And so we started doing some research and what we learned that astonishing because. I didn't know. No just like most people don't know that girl miss out on opportunities education missed out on opportunities to earn an income because in many many locations when demonstrating. They are. Just sitting at home in India others but there's a place called red camps where women go Korman trading and they that there but the leaderboard I've gave that they are having their period. In Kenya. There was orphanage and somebody asked the question what happens when these girls demonstrating and they think that they get on a piece of cardboard in their group. You can imagine how taken that we were when we started to do research and started asking and with Wendell working in South Africa we asked him what the meat was. And he didn't know. Know until we started looking around and we found out that South Africa is just like. Most other places throughout the world and they need help Q so it's been exciting to see how this project started Imus started because of bundled connection with South Africa and it started because of artists morrow and the incredible person actually yes. We're talking with board member of side by side South Africa Brenda Walsh and I share with us again because I think this is truly the hallmark of your organization and what you're really focused on right now we explain one more time. Game changer for girls and what that is. Absolutely most people don't understand that. At the core young woman. Is gonna spend an average at sixty days a year managing her menstrual cycle and in. South Africa unfortunately we know that many south Africans are dependent on guardians or even each other in the wake of the devastating aids pandemic. And the result is they lacked adequate counsel and they don't have any of the guard means necessary. To be able to take care of this important part of life. So they miss school. They missed opportunity to earn income stroke side by side game changer for girls is changing about what we're educating the girls about their bodies about how powerful they are. About how beautiful and how wonderful they odds and we're giving them the opportunity. Q how a watchable reusable yet that they can use during their menstrual cycle. That is. Beautifully made it has. Wonderful wonderful patterns on the fabrics were expecting to be embarrassed about Wendy's are washed and hung out to dry. The girls are proud to have them an education that goes with them she is really just as important as the product so we're giving you scroll back up. Up to sixty days out of their year. So that they can be educated just like the bullies in the same system and not all behind. If you want to give today and and get involved British he would lead outlets can't help web site and away for them to reach out he by the phone again please. Absolutely you can get to the web site its side by side South Africa dot org. And you can definitely reach out to meet you can follow me at 36 to 0710. One year of decline we are registered 501 C three and your donation would be tax deductible. Now Brenda really remarkable. Work I applaud you and you know you said something hearing your notes that so many people don't think that they can make a difference in the world. And you would like to tell them that they can. Absolutely I think sometimes we look at the problems in the world and we think how can I make a difference action and I tell him it doesn't matter where you choose to make a difference it doesn't matter if it's in your neighborhood. In your community. In your church anything whatever it is. Find something that you can become passionate about or find something that you just have a niche for helping hand and volunteer help out. It will lead you down a path where you will end up making a difference somewhere in the world. We're definitely doing that again you could donate side by side South Africa dot pork or get in touch with Brenda 360710. And 069. Brenda I know you're busy lady we just appreciate you taking time to talk to us now. You know I appreciate you thank you so much idea Italy and this is conversation it's.