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Thursday, September 6th


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Hello doctor white sided arrow you know. It's kind of interesting. Whenever there's a high profile. Suicides like I'm thinking of maybe you know Anthony board Dayne being a fairly recent one where people were like wow he had. So much going for him he seems so grateful for the success he had. Why would he do that and and nobody ever understands that and sometimes people say oh how selfish of him if they leave kids behind or. He he was so lucky to have everything he had what was what did he have to be depressed about. How are we supposed to looking at an event like that as as people who don't really know the person. Last I don't know that I want to get skewered here or another strong possibility that he would me I. I don't know meaning I don't know that sued the parent felt the play all the time so it grow and learn about them and thank you integrity intact. It fluctuate a lot on such that it's a Christian and so like this is being tended to be beaten by Mike Stoops. But there there there are one component and I. We don't have that mean there's there's one competitor like it a long time in the act on it in that dad will not beat me. Who would you like movement in the and a lot. No throughout his play and he actually up popping joke about. Hanging himself. Aaron but let me in English it's in my uncle I can't believe I did that balance those bad I need only rarely feel that Mary. I don't apparently wow I didn't think and want to go that cut across everything you know become a cop different demographic factors all of them. The economic planet and duct. We just don't have a great handle food that we note that the. Yeah I hope so I guess the thing a lot of us ask ourselves when we lose a friend. Since this or family member is why could I have done now what the world was I receiving clues that I was not picking up on does that is that pretty common where people feel a lot of guilt around. The feeling like maybe they could have done something if they had known. I think that is a good bad and really common I think they're really hurt me it against the talent someone died of cancer re right and have. It is different scenario now in hand we just don't know what we don't know meaning. Mile high in kindergarten about how to achieve you. Any other people promotion didn't understand what they were going to under in her own emotions when you might be ready you. And click on really important thing I don't. The move to leave behind are still in the dark ages and into being about acute. Underscore her own emotions. The motion will try to settle when there and other people to mention their breasts to be expected to have been able to pick up something that we never had the training. Or the experience to do it done for the tourists that doesn't mean there's no hope going forward that. It's really sad when people born in 1000. Their lives stops moving forward when someone they care about it for instance that it. Almost never the intent of the person who diet without I mean even entered our mind. That. I personally feel guilt instead. That person that I can count until like I'll be better off without me and adjusting because of the the big where both people are wrong that you know I'll my salt. I think I bet that that person would be better off if I kill myself. And there are those wearing a picture of. All right so Monday September 10 is world suicide prevention day this show I'm listening airs the day before on Sunday morning September 9 you've got. Pearl Jam Michael Phelps Alessio Kara a lot of other celebrities and you and your expertise what do you hope people take away from checking out this show. I'm hoping the people luckily they also then to editorial don't think that shift that thinking a little bit and that. At beginning of that sort of thinking content area action down the way. What could prevent. They're not even them sound a child a loved one. All the more. In a little bit different. Why is it accomplishes that. Even in the lives of the few people than than your your work was worth it absolutely sure what we're all right doctor and have no matter what. Okay well really excited to hear this show on Sunday morning and thank you again for being a part of it and now. Back to your vacation. In Tokyo thanks for talking to me about it.