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Thursday, September 13th


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Al patrolling the guitarist in the musical director for the trans Siberian orchestra is here on the sound Al these concerts. Have become such a holiday tradition for so many people. So god it's become the holiday tradition for so many people I mean if you are you talking about it won't I guess almost 44 years now we've been recorded in twenty years soaring. As cycle actually kid to grow up. We you know it just grown into something that you don't be so proud of and you know inevitably it is I think it was in the calmness and never did I think that you know the folks be coming out this many years here a year he would share the holidays of those sisters really just an honor and privilege. But we should say that you're gonna be at the Tacoma dome on Sunday November 25 which is the Sunday. This is a and this is so perfect 'cause it's the Sunday after Thanksgiving I mean people are really going to be in the holiday mood and you're gonna be doing the ghost of Christmas Eve. That we will we've been bringing that through your neighborhood. For years now and people who just have fallen in love with Paul O'Neill story you know sort of really beautifully written Frank Capra esque tale. And it's really exciting for us because W. We love and I mean I just love Seattle and elect. But played a Key Arena all the here is an awesome and that what happened a couple of so why what happened to the building. Well there are gonna re model it because they're gonna bring C. Major league hockey team to Seattle and their Russert appeared DSL it's out of commission for awhile but that it's all good. Most about that it's exciting for us as a new buildings you know and it they've made it even that much more fun I mean every one of our shows you commercial for us. And associated -- special I think and I is that right if it's Thanksgiving it's really like you know also you know apple ships had yeah -- courses around the corner now. You know your shows are known for the spectacular special effects and you know lights are mind blown and stuff is exploding in you go way up above the crowd and like a little cherry picker. Platform saying it's a flight oh my record and I doesn't change well does that stuff. All these work or do you ever have elect you know Spinal Tap moment where you're stuck up on the cherry picker and you can't get down. You know Angela and I don't wanna jinx myself and but. I'd like the last ten or twelve years it's gone without a collection and that we actually have the greatest room crew on the planet I mean these guys men and women. They're the best of the best that I mean if they rehearse. Their side of it as much as we do musically you know yeah I mean but you know years ago and the technology was new there was a couple of Spinal Tap moments where you know like the list would go up that it would stay out for awhile I have figured out you know it just things happen I mean you know like with anything else and something's familiar to work the bugs out of it but we haven't had. An issue in the year posts I. I get the feeling you could play anything you want an and you you've done some non Christmas projects over the years but. I'm assuming that you're not recording these. During the holidays because that's when you're touring so yeah I is it like July senior in the studio somewhere a year hanging mistletoe on the walls of the studio to get the vibe right. Pretty much the realism I read the recording these records and it's exactly that I mean. You know when you're in the studio and you know you dim the lights you don't know Saturday night you know cold wet. Hot outside you know right and and Paul O'Neill. Who created this thing. You know either Israel only you know they were very diligent about making sure that the Bible are to these aren't just such songs that you're singing you know these are stories these served. Very important parts of agreed to work. You know so when you listen to us on. Like this Christmas Day. Which is our idea Christina soared to record. It's about a father who's lost a child somewhere whose Broadway and he can't find a way at all you know that's that's something he just kind of saying you know kind of how apparently get through the lyric you know. The singer has to become the father in the story that the literature to come to light on the listener asked to be part of what's taking place so no there there is times where you know we have fog and studios you know what we will you know he's made it really cold is made a really Ellis or whatever it takes to get into character and you heard these stories you know bad actors doing a similar situation you know this is no different except without the racial. I was gonna say play it sounds like acting you had a really inhabit the character easier as you do in the songs. Yeah you have to become the character. In a lot of cases you know a lot of us thought parents. And our children growing up and in my case I have our children through torture of old little growing up and moved on and on. You know you've missed them every day that's what you don't do this rock out of their political formation of the ghost of Christmas Eve is about. Everybody this is somebody around the holidays. So not only Leo I guess singing these songs and playing the songs and the audience is watching you know like incredible Parker a little lasers and all that stuff but we're telling the story that it will rule living. Well that passion and love for what you do show is when your on stage and we're very adhere to have you in the south sound that take the Tacoma dome on Sunday November 25 the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Performing the ghost of Christmas Eve. Al the trolley and the trans Siberian orchestra in a way it's kind of like all of these guys are coming around at exactly it's a sure sign of the holiday season. As soon as they get on the phone Q I know that okay it's time to kick tires on this thing it's back to work. Yep well we're glad he's going to be back and way. Have a great tour now. However over the all my best junior family and I'll heroes.