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John & Jeanne

John Fisher built a five-star reputation entertaining Puget Sound radio listeners. When he set out to find the ideal partner for his ‘Get Up and Go To Work’ Show on The New 94-One The Sound, he chose someone from South Florida. Someone from very far away who was unaware of his M.O. as a kind,... Read More

Relaxing Favorites at Work

94.1 The Sound is your place for relaxing favorites at work. Turn us on for everything from Cyndi Lauper and Lionel Richie to the Commodores and Bryan Adams. Read More

The Sound of Christmas

For when you’re shopping, wrapping gifts, and enjoying the company of friends and family, The New 94-1 The Sound presents The Sound of Christmas with Delilah, weekends through Christmas. Relaxing favorites at work weekdays, The Sound of Christmas weekends. Read More