Fall foliage

Where to see fall colors right now around the Sound and across the PNW

A lot of us can see beautiful fall colors every day -- on our commute, on a dog walk, or just running to the grocery store. But when you're on the way to something else, you probably don't take the time to really drink in the glorious scene that nature provides for us this time of year. So, what...
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Corn Maze

Where to get lost in a corn maze around the sound this fall

Supported by The last time I visited a corn maze, my son was maybe five years old. We entered, walked about 50 feet down the path between two walls of giant cornstalks, and he looked up at me with skepticism in his eyes. "Dad, I don't like this," he said. "Can we go back?" It was a...
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Apple orchard

Family fall fun! Where to pick your own apples around the Sound

Now that summer's winding down and it's getting a little bit autumny out there, it's time to find things to do to replace all those sunny outdoor activites that carried us through the last few months. Gee, it felt like summer would never end, didn't it? But eventually the blue sky makes way for...
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It's going to be a great autumn if you get to these fall festivals around the Sound

It's almost autumn! Let's celebrate! Okay, maybe that's not exacly how you feel about summer ending, but fall can be so beautiful around the Sound (at least when the sun is shining) and there are a whole bunch of annual festivals that can ease your transition into the, uh . . . . darker, damper...
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