Mom and child in a kayak

Let's get out on the water! Where to kayak in and around the Sound

In case you haven't noticed, we have a lot of water around here. We're surrounded by lakes, rivers, Puget Sound, ponds . . . you know what I'm talking about. It's why we're glad we live here instead of Kansas. (Well, that may not be the only reason, but it's one.) Anyway, one of the best ways to...
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Woman in a kayak

How to get out on the water in somebody else's boat

Who needs the hassle of owning a boat when it's so easy to rent one? I've always thought that having a friend with a boat is way better than actually owning a boat. But if your seagoing friends are getting tired of hosting you, you're not stuck on the dock -- there are lots of options for renting...
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