John & Jeanne

Starting today, it's John & Jeanne in the morning on The Sound!

When you're on the radio in the morning, you're up before most normal people. You drive to work at zero dark thirty. And if you're flying solo, you're basically talking to yourself for four or five hours a day. Well after eight months of that, I was starting to get a little lonely in the studio,...
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Radio tuned to 94.1 The Sound

Here's proof! Listening to Relaxing Favorites is good for you!

Check out this call from Angie, a new listener who just found 94.1 The Sound. I'm not a doctor, I'm a disc jockey, so I'm not sure if the health benefits she talks about are actually possible, but I'm pretty sure Relaxing Favorites at Work can't hurt! What's your story about discovering The Sound?...
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John Fisher

Hey! It's me, John Fisher!

I've been coming out of your radio in Seattle for a couple of decades, first at the legendary Mountain, and more recently at Warm 106.9. Now I'm SO excited to let you know that starting today, I'm kicking off your weekday mornings on the new 94.1 The Sound. I'll begin the workday with relaxing...
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