toilet paper

Police Recover Stolen 18-Wheeler Full of Toilet Paper in Traffic Stop

The North Carolina police department recovered a stolen 18-wheeler that was used to transport toilet paper. Deputies of the Guilford County Sheriff’s Office pursued the vehicle after it reportedly violated a motor vehicle law.
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Break a Sweat During the Coronavirus Pandemic With This Toilet Paper Workout

If self-quarantine is driving you a little stir-crazy, working out may be your saving grace. Many trainers are sharing their workouts online including this workout that swaps weights for toilet paper. Check it out.
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Coronavirus: How Long Will Your Toilet Paper Last?

If you’re trying to determine how long the toilet paper you have in your home will last you, there is now a calculator that can figure it out for you. Answer a few questions, and you’ll know how long until you need to buy more, check it out here.
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Police: 'Do Not Call 911 Just Because You Ran Out of Toilet Paper'

As coronavirus spreads, people are flush with fear. A police department in Oregon posted a status on their Facebook page asking people not to call in for an emergency if they run out of toilet paper due to the coronavirus outbreak.
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Toilet paper over and under

Toilet paper "over" or "under?" Your answer says a lot about you

It's one of the most timeless disagreements couples have: Which way do you hang the toilet paper? Do you hang it so the roll cascades down over the front? Or so it curls around behind the back and under? I know some couples for whom this is serious stuff. I'll admit I've been known to quietly...
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