TSA Agents Pull 'Suspicious' Item From Suitcase 'Which Could Have Resulted in a Tragic Outcome'

A TSA explosives expert at JFK Airport in NYC prevented a possible mid-air disaster, after TSA officers spotted an ‘unusual suspicious item’ inside a traveler’s carry-on bag, the federal agency said Wednesday.
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TSA Rescues Wedding Dress Left Behind at Airport

The TSA saved the day after a wedding dress was left behind at a security checkpoint at Newark Airport. Find out how they contacted the woman about the dress.
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Passengers Left Behind More Than $926,000 at U.S. Airport Security Checkpoints Last Year

If you went through an airport security checkpoint in 2019, there’s a good chance you left behind some money as you did. TSA collected $926,030.44 in unclaimed cash. See which airports had the most unclaimed cash!
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TSA Says 500 Employees Have Tested Positive for Coronavirus

The Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday that five hundred of its employees have tested positive for the coronavirus. Of that five hundred, four people have died. See the details.
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Gravy boat

Can you carry Thanksgiving dinner onto an airplane? Answers from the TSA

StickerYou.com https://www.stickeryou.com/ If you're flying across the country to be with your people on Thanksgiving, maybe your family is counting on you to bring that magical stuffing you're famous for . .. or your legendary sweet potatoes with the secret ingredient that makes them so...
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John & Jeanne at SeaTac

Watch: John & Jeanne go beyond security at SeaTac Airport without a boarding pass

Maybe you saw it on the news : The Port of Seattle is trying an experimental program at SeaTac Airport that lets you pass through the TSA security checkpoint even if you're not carrying a boarding pass or planning on getting on a flight. ( Here's the story in the Seattle Times .) They want you to...
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